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Symes ban appeal (Teehee ;) )


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Your SteamID (STEAM_0:1:219084295):


In-game name: La Eicke


Time and date of ban (Australian 9:05):


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:


Further details: AYO! ima keep it a stack i was banned for breaking nlr x2 but i only died once :( angel (the one who reported me had building signs up and she called nlr even though i did not interfere with her or her building after i had dies


Any evidence you can provide:


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes


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My, fault for not reading the punishment guides correctly


your correct warn was NLR X2, not NLR X3 | SB 6H I mistaken it by not giving you a verbal in the first place which you had no recent warns in NLR, you have been unbanned and warns have been updated.



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After talking to the admin who banned you and reviewing the situation it appears they accidentally missed the first punishment stage for breaking NLR (verbal warning). As you broke NLR twice you will be keeping the NLR x2 warning however the ban will be removed to keep in line with the punishment guidelines as seen below. Please keep in mind that your next active warning for NLR will result in a 6-hour ban.


Verbal(1st NLR) > Warning(2nd NLR) > 6h Ban

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