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Mexi for Event Staff.


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Howdy, I'm hoping to return to staff as an Event helper, Someone who can build, use WireMod and create extravagant events for the server.


I've been around the community recently over the past week or so and have been re-ignited for a passion with Gmod. My work life has quietened down and I can now spend some leisure time now I have some space to breath.


During my time back people have been complimenting my building skill on some of my larger projects and I thought that I could help with designing some arenas and Creating some backdrops for epic battles.


With a larger prop limit, plus power over the blacklist I'd be able to manifest amazing creations that the community can enjoy.

Ok that's going a bit overboard BUT here's 2 of my most reveled builds as of recent



The Blue Light District that I created on mainstreet that incorporates the PD and the nearby Garage as the Club area.


The Red light district is placed in the tunnel by the crossroads. It looks a bit out of place in the event room but it looks flawless in its tunnel.

Classic template stuff Below


Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MexiiMex/

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77430527

Discord User#: Mexi#0001


RP Name: Mexi

Age: 22


Country/Time Zone: AEDT

Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): 1662019621917.png.feedb29182c5a7a0a2444a95ba3aae17.png

4 days 5 hours and 32 mins. BUT It doesn't count the amount of time over the past resets. I've got older screenshots with weeks of playtime. eg, 1662019717711.png.1f7d794084e012fc12621424a6a0cbe4.png

How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot): Never had a warn in my life: 1662019799737.thumb.png.49191d90950416823df26a0634cff0d9.png



How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot): Look above, I've been a good boy

Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):

Yes, I was staff on supremacy for a year and a half,

Then I was admin with Orbital for a year or so.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?: I believe I deserve to come back to staffing because I never cut ties with anyone, I always intended to RP well and I never remember having a bad experience with any staff since leaving.

Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples): I've previously been admin with orbital BUT I also work as a bartender with other members of staff so I'm quite experienced with working as a team.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?: Building Skills, Wiremod Skills, And a general laid back attitude


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?: I would never think about abusing the abilities given to me as staff.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: I understand completely that the roots have complete control over my power and my actions would have consequences if I misuse them


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?: Yes.


Thank you for reading through my application and I wish to see you all ingame.

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This guy is amazing at building and wire mod, and seeing him go for staff is a great thing so he can make more builds and events for the server, to promote how fun this server can be and help get more people to understand building and other things he's good at showing.


Although he hasn't been on for a while, he is making a comeback to the server and he will gladly help this server out.


Best of luck with your staff-app Mexi!

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While their isn't an official position for event staff, seeing as Devo has an event master role and only a handful of staff actually host events (and even then, they are not held often enough as desired), I think that Mexi would be a great candidate to handle it responsibly


The calibre of his builds are generally very aesthetically pleasing and well mapped, so instead of shitting out garbage events as often as possible, it would be nice to see some high quality, fresh ideas for events.


Given you are also a former staff who was treated with a lot of respect during your time, I have high hopes that you can deliver quality events and continue to respect the tools necessary to a role like this.



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