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Casino Manager Suggestion


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Back at it again with yet another previous suggestion made by myself and others!

I present to you the Casino Manager!


The perfect addition to the server which involves economy control and a social hub for players to congregate in as they waste their lifesavings!


For this job I suggest mixing the following add-ons:




Remember the days when everyone had a wiremod gambling machine? Every man and his dog would spend hours on the server chatting shit as we waited in line to gamble our savings at Chenny Chongs casino! or one of the countless other alternatives! (Such as Gretta's famous machines!).


This suggestion aims to revitalise this core memory many of us share in a way which is accessible to even the most dim-witted player of orbital!


Zero's Scratch cards provides the following:

- Purchasable Scratch Cards which can be used anywhere on the map!

- A placeable Ticket Machine entity that the Casino Manager could place down to sell cheap forms of gambling to players who dare not try their luck on the machines!

- A ticket editor which can either be used by the Roots or the casino manager to create, edit and duplicate/remove tickets. Allowing you to completely customise the ticket including what Imgur image to display, where its positioned and the scale of the image. In the editor you can also define what prize the players can win with up to 28 supported prize types!


mCasino provides the following:

- Games such as: Roulette, Crash, Slots, 3D Blackjack, Jackpot and Coinflip!

- Kiosks; whats more is that Players can access all of this with a singular Machine!


Alongside Zeros Scratch Cards, mCasino provides an in-depth gambling experience that any player can easily set up and introduces a job which promotes the activity of players as its income is entirely dependent on the involvement of the community.


The addition of this suggestion will bolster the unique aspects of wire mod casinos by making them more accessible to the average player. Following the implementation of this add-on, rules can be relaxed on who can have wire-mod casinos in their base so that there is still a feasible alternative!


Finally both of these mods are updated to the latest version of Garry's Mod and both have very supportive and responsive developers in the event of bugs or issues.





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