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scrimps appeal


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Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198361689425/


In-game name: Scrimp


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): GMT+10


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: ryl


Further details: was toolgun banned for "self doxing" by posting my phone number on the walls at spawn its a prepaid sim so i don't have any info on my number so i cant get doxed or anything and was talking to ryl after the fact and both came to the conclusion it was a misunderstanding


Any evidence you can provide: ryl's word


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes i have

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This was a special case and a discretionary warn. The context in chronological order is below:


1) Some random guy started posting numbers of "himself". Ragnar in a VC called one of these numbers and it was someone else's number. This random guy has since been perma banned for Doxxing and for admitting to evading a ban.


2) Gazza started doing the same, posting his phone number first, then his suburb, then his street. I talked to him and informed him of the repercussions of doing such. He voluntarily removes the textscreens.


3) Discussion in VC with some of the staff. I made the call to ensure no further phone numbers be on text screens (regardless of who it belongs to) .


4) I announce this decision in OOC with the punishment as Toolgun blacklist to stop this from getting out of control. I do not believe I have the power to announce like admins+ can, else I would have done this as well.


5) I see Scrimps multiple text screens and LED screens all of the map and bring him into a sit to ask him to remove them. He says okay but the screens were not removed. I asked him politely to just undo it. He says he cannot and when I asked "why?" his response was "because..." with no further comments. I asked him multiple times after why he couldn't just undo it. He ignores me and commences to slowly physgun the LED text screen to us (since we were in a further corner of the map). I believe he intended to use the Remover tool on it. The remainder of the 3D2D Textscreens with his phone number are still up. He continues to refuse to simply Undo these and wants to Remover tool them instead.


6) I kick him to remove the text signs all over the map. I warn him and blacklist him from Toolgun so others understand the seriousness of doxxing mobile numbers on screens.


7) Talked to Scrimp in VC later. Explained that we cannot control who sees the number and we have no possible way to verify every number belongs to the person posting it. He then explains that he was mid-building which is why he didn't undo them and that he has trouble with words which is why he didn't tell me that when I asked him multiple times. I ask him to apply for an appeal on forums as it is a very weird case scenario for which we do not have set guidelines.

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Your number or not, you were asked several times to delete it and were aware of the consequences. You continued to ignore ryl's instructions and therefore the warn and blacklist will remain.


In the future do not post personal info on text screens.

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