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Tony Pepperoni | Staff Application

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Steam Community Link






Discord User






Country/Time Zone

Australia (AEST)


Do you have a working Microphone?

Yes, I use a high-quality XLR microphone.


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot)

4 Days, 19 Hours



How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot)




How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot)

0 (See Above)


Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples)

Yes, I have a fairly significant amount of experience as a staff member both in and out of Garry's Mod. Whilst I've only been an admin on one DarkRP server, I've been playing Garry's Mod for around 7 years and have accumulated over 1700 hours. Here is a list of the servers I have staffed for, as well as a general overview of my roles and responsibilities.

Wisp's Discord (Discord Server) - 34.2k Members - Moderator - Enforcing rules and issuing infractions (Warns, Mutes, Kicks, Bans) to anyone breaking rules or violating Discord Terms of Service. Handling ModMails and all general inquiries, organising and running various server events, interviewing and assessing trial moderators as well as staff applications.


MCArcade (Discord Server) - 8.8k Members - Moderator - Enforcing rules and issuing infractions (Warns, Mutes, Kicks, Bans) to anyone breaking rules or violating Discord Terms of Service. Handling all inquiries, assessing unban appeals.


MCArcade (Minecraft Server) - 8.8k Members in Discord, Varying Player Base - Moderator - Muting, Kicking and Banning rule breakers and cheaters, handling all inquiries, organising and running server events.


ASAP Gaming (Garry's Mod DarkRP Server) - Average Player Count of 80, 120 Peak (At the time I was staff) - Admin - Muting, Kicking and Banning rule breakers/cheaters, handling all inquiries and taking sits, organising and running server events, training new staff members.


I'm also a moderator for a few Twitch streamers but I wouldn't consider that staff experience.


Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?

I believe that I deserve a staff position because I have a very sound level of experience in all aspects of moderation required for this server, but beyond that, because I am passionate about this community and its members. I am eager to make a difference in your community, not by demanding respect and trying to complete as many sits as possible, but by being an empathetic, respectful team player who strives to contribute to a positive experience for all members. In having the correct priorities and understanding that this community is only possible through its members, and therefore their in-game experience and safety is the most important thing, I believe that I can do an efficient and effective job at staffing on Orbital in a positive way. Furthermore, I strive in team environments. I think that one of the reasons I enjoy moderation/staff roles so much is that I get to be a part of a team and form bonds with people who have all come together voluntarily not for any conventional gain, but rather to commit to giving something back to a community in a more substantial way. From my experience, I also understand the importance of teamwork. Communication and a shared appreciation of what it means to create an enjoyable, inviting environment through moderation are essential to any server. Overall, I'd say that I'm deserving of a staff position because I possess a strong fundamental understanding regarding what being a great staff member means, I'm a good team player and I'm passionate and eager to serve the Orbital community.


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples)

Working in team environments is something that I am very passionate about. I often find that staff teams in video game servers are some of the most strongly bonded groups of people I come across. I think that this is partly due to the fact that everyone in a staff team such as this one is a volunteer and doesn't receive any conventional return from it. The fact that a group of people comes together to help out in a community for no reason other than that they care about it is something I find very inspiring. I can't speak for everyone, and I don't know if everyone's motive is that they care about the community they staff for, but that is the reason I would like to be a staff member here and I'm almost certain that I'm not the only one.


As a Discord moderator and twitch mod on a couple of servers/streams, I've constantly had to communicate with my staff team about many things such as problematic individuals, hosting events, and making announcements. I also participated in weekly staff meetings where we would discuss server changes, staff applications and look through the suggestions.


Around 4 years ago, I used to play competitive Team Fortress 2 in a format called Highlander and was the leader of my own team. During this time, teamwork was essential in succeeding and taught me many valuable attributes such as how to clearly and effectively communicate, how to build synergy with a team, and knowing the importance of individual contributions, and pulling one's individual weight in order for a collective to succeed.


Whilst managing events on both the Discords I moderated and in the DarkRP server, I had to work heavily with my staff teams to make sure that everything ran smoothly. This sounds like a simple task, but in events where you are dealing with 100+ participants, the importance of team communication can not be understated, especially when the success or failure of an event is a direct reflection of the server you are a staff member for.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?

Prioritization/Time Management - As a former DarkRP admin, it was a requirement on ASAP that every punishment had to be logged in a discord channel with proof. It became quite challenging to balance logging punishments whilst still taking sits at peak times, and from that, I became skilled in prioritizing my time and remaining calm during busy periods on the server.


Ability to remain calm under pressure - As an admin on a DarkRP server with an average of 80 players and a peak of 120, as well as a moderator on Discord servers with thousands of members, it was often overwhelming to balance all of my responsibilities as a staff member. This taught me how to remain calm under pressure as eventually, I became able to manage my time well and learn the importance of keeping collected. I think that this is a very important quality for a staff team as members in the said team often have to rely on each other and I believe that this skill makes me a more reliable team player.


Accountability and receptiveness to feedback - I'll be the first to admit that I'm far from perfect. I make mistakes. I've familiarized myself with the rules sufficiently enough that I've never received a warning on the server thus far, however it would be naive to think that I'll never be in the wrong. I think that there are few better times to accurately judge a person's character than viewing how they handle being in the wrong. Therefore, I try adamantly to not make excuses and take accountability for any misdeeds, intentional or not. I also love to receive constructive criticism and feedback as it helps significantly in bettering myself and becoming better at whatever it is I'm doing.


Balance - I feel as though I am able to maintain a strong balance of joking around, being committed to maintaining an RP character, and being serious. I've had a lot of practice with this, and I possess a lot of confidence in my ability to assess a situation and know the correct response.


I take pride in staffing and moderation - I hope this is reflected in my application, but I do genuinely take a lot of pride in being a staff member when I'm in any staff team, and this team would be no exception. I like this community very much, and I would do my best to show that by being a respectful, helpful member of the staff team.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?

Yes, I absolutely agree.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?

Yes, as they should be.


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?



Mr. Pepperoni's Comments - Thank you for taking the time to read my staff application. It's a bit lengthy, but I wanted to really do it right because I care about both this community and this application. I think that there is a lot to be said about the state of DarkRP and the debate on if over-moderation ruins what this game is fundamentally about, however, I believe that I could make a significant positive influence on the server if I were given the chance. That being said, I also believe that I could do that without being a staff member. I think that a lot of people that are unsuccessful in becoming or being good staff members want it or are doing it because they receive the power to punish people and to tell people what to do. I think it takes wanting to do it for the right reason (wanting to help and create a safe, fun space for people in a community you're genuinely passionate about) to become a good moderator. I think it then takes some experience as a good moderator to realize that if you're genuinely passionate about helping people and making your community a better, safer place for others, you don't need a role to do that. I'm not looking for any fabricated authority, I just think that a staff role and people who have moderation abilities are able to make a more substantial positive difference easier. Staff role or no staff role, I'll always be trying to help the people in this community. With that in mind, please feel free to leave any negative feedback. It won't change how I see anyone, and I really do appreciate the opportunity to better myself from your criticism. If you're replying to this forum post, there is a very good chance I know who you are, and I appreciate you for doing what you do on this server. Also, I hope this app didn't make me sound like a pretentious asshole, but at this point, that's just wishful thinking. =)


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+1, Not only is Tony Pepperoni a great fit for staff, he is a great friend. Tony puts a lot of time into the server making roleplaying enjoyable for other players. I have not had 1 bad sit with Tony, never had a sit against him either. Not only does Tony have respect for the rules of the server as shown by his 0 warns his application extremely detailed showing that he truly cares about becoming staff. I beleive that Tony fits the mold for a staff member and belongs on the staff team.


Good luck Tony :)

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Please no more centre font, my eyes can't cope.


As a staff, I truly think you have all the characteristics anyone could ever ask for in staff. Not only are you one of the most easy-going players in the community but you never cause issues with anyone nor have you ever run into trouble with staff. I was curious if you were going to apply for this role and I can't say how glad I am that you are, I think you have an awesome approach to roleplaying and the community as a whole and your constant activity makes you a deserving candidate for the position that I highly recommend.



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+1 I told Mr Tony to write a staff app and I couldn't be happier when I see this in my feed

Tonys been a great Rper and I've never had an issue with him and I always see him interacting with players calmly and with great respect.

Still think his accent is fake tbh.

Love u

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Can't think of a better addition to a staff team, Tony is a friendly guy that genuinely improves the atmosphere of any situation that he is in, has great intentions and is a great role player. I've never had any issues with Tony and wish you all the best with the application.

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Huge +1

I've met you in-game so many times, and I love you man.

You're fun to RP with but can also be serious in the few sits I've had with you. You have no warns, showing knowledge of the rules, and you wrote a very well-detailed application, showing your dedication to the server and the role you would be playing. I would be so happy to see you on the staff team.

Good luck!


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It was you that made me feel welcome to the server, when I first joined I was curious in the best ways to make money you took our time to explain to me how to make money and gave me a sum of money to get me started which was muchly appreciated. So if you've done this to me I can only imagine the amount of other newbies you have made feel welcome. You are very approachable and I do see you as a fit member of the staffing team.

Best of luck.

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this man is so friendly its hard to dislike him the absolute attention to detail in this application

is insane you can Cleary tell this man work ethic is insane the examples he has show are amazing but also stop the center format but other then absolutely astonishing app

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Absolutely insane massive colossal +1

A genuinely caring and passionate user, i have admittedly not played a huge amount with tony but the interactions i have had have been absolutely wonderful, his sincerity in how he plays, portrays himself and handles situations is great and i would be more than happy to welcome him into the staff team with open arms, he is a strong contender any day of the week.

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+1 Ayyy I'm waking here.


Great guy who's passionate about the server to the point that he has (allegedly) worked out the code of the server and made it so he wins literally every single lottery. I could definitely see you as staff. You are perfect for the job.

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