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angel's Ban Appeal


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Your SteamID:


In-game name: angel


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): About 11:30PM AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Mersman


Further details: STEAM_0:0:78735976


I was banned for doxing by repeating a license plate that was previously publicly shared. I do not believe this is doxing as the person has previously posted photos, shared their screen and turned on their camera to show off their license plate in the Orbital Minecraft Server on a public voice chat a couple of months ago. People have previously repeated and made fun of the person's license plate as it is a unusual one. This person has not had any issues with people stating it in the public voice chats, for the months after it was initially publicly shared and they also have previously said that they don't care.


I did not realize that it would be considered doxing or knew of the repercussions of saying it front of two people. I did not know that people could find/track peoples addresses with their license plates alone. I assumed that would be illegal and such a search is against privacy laws in Australia.


This person is known to stir up things and try to start shit. I have had many previous arguments with him in the same public voice channel where he would antagonize me and bring up private things about me in front of a somewhat large group of people and would harass me about it and refused to stop. I had to ask him in DMs to stop but he wouldn't.


Now you could try to make the argument about people doxing me as well but all that stuff that is being shared around was originally sent in private DMs. For example the audio clip that was recorded without my knowledge in a private discord call.



Any evidence you can provide: Unfortually there are no audit logs for deleted images and I didnt not record at the time of these past incidents.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes and I'm very sorry.

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Hi angel, Unfortunately, due to your lack of evidence there really isn't much of a case to support you.

If you could read the following statement that I have included.


"Doxxing generally means releasing personally identifiable information (PII), such as someone’s full name, home address, email address, or phone number, without their consent. In some cases, doxing may include sensitive financial or medical information or information that could be used to blackmail someone."


I understand that the person whose information you had given out had shown his license plate on a discord VC which I was also present in at the time. This however doesn't excuse you from leaking that person's private information to other parties. Due to it being personal information that you had no right to share with other people without their consent.


The issue is that since said information was leaked to outside parties, they can now search his number plate into any roadside services and find their address now. As it is a unique number plate it would be very easy to find where the said person resides.


As you're aware, we take doxxing very serious on this server as it is a very sensitive thing that we are used to in today's society. Therefore I will have to deny this application.



If you're able to come to an understanding with said person and they forgive you and wish to have your ban reduced to two weeks then this is acceptable. If not, the ban will stay until you're meant to be unbanned.


Sincerely, Combat Wombat.

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