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Staff Report - Ryl


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Your in game name: Symes (STEAM_0:1:219084295)


Time of incident: 3:00 - 4:00

Staff member(s) you are reporting: Staff member Ryl (STEAM_0:0:111272755)


Details of the incident: Ryl sitting afk for multiple hours, Not taking tickets even though he is fully aware of them and handing out false/improper warns


Any evidence (If Any): Evidence will be provided below


Hi all,

I am making this staff report to keep and inform admins about this issue. Over the past couple of hours staff member Ryl has displayed poor lack of effort in the admin scene. He has show:


  1. Little to no effort when dealing with tickets
  2. Sitting afk for multiple hours at a time
  3. Not taking tickets even though he is fully aware of them
  4. Not handing out proper warns (not adding the warn)


Now to give some examples.


Today when Ryl logged on to the sever I noticed that he was inside his base on main street sitting afk playing some lofi music, He was a citizen at the time and had the job name (lofi afk) something along those lines. I then proceed to talk to him and he was not afk.


Referring to example 2 (Not taking tickets even though he is fully aware of them) Myself and many others where playing and Margarit and I personally made tickets yet he still did not take them, I believe that the cock Johnson got on and was able to take our tickets <3


As some other staff members have also mentioned Ryl has been seen sitting afk for more then 4 hours at a time. He was also afk farming before he was even staff. I bring this up because I feel he has farmed hours just to become a staff member, I have also never/rarely seen him in the forums and discord (I could be wrong but I swear I have not seen him be active)


In the clips below it shows player Lebo James clearly Rdming both of us mid sit at this time Ryl had taken another mob boos into a different room, I don't know why but I expect he had trouble hearing due to all the shit talking coming from both sides (me & The other mobs/mayor) Lebo James then proceeded to kill us like I stated and Margarit informed Ryl that we had died. He then acknowledges that we both were killed and said he would deal with it but when the warn came around he was only warned for the original sit call (Nlr and failRP)


The reason i wanted to make this report is because of how he is representing other staff on this sever and im sure all of us hate the minges and freaks! that deserve to be punished for what they have done.


lastly I just wanted to say thank you for reading this, weather it gets taken up with a grain of salt I don't mind just wanted to let you all know <3


Videos of Margarit and I dying mid sit is not sending so any staff member that wants it please pm me on discord im in main and pd discord but here is my discord if needed Symes#0833




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The staff in question has been talked to. They have been reminded to pay attention to their warnings and to communicate more effectively with higher management. In the meantime, they will be closely monitored for incorrect warnings. However, please take this as a reminder to not start drama with our staff or community members, or you may face punishments in the future. Thank you for your report; have a nice day.[/JUSTIFY]

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