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Banned for a missclick


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Your SteamID STEAM_0:1:704776938


In-game name: Lubly


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 03:50 Perth time 3/8/2022


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: don cheadle


Further details: i accidentally killed someone and advert miss click but the admin did not reason with me at all and gave me a 24hr ban as i had a previous blacklist for another matter i have been told by multiple admins for rules about if you accidentally kill someone and form my knowledge if i say miss click as a advert that is good enough reason to not ban me for rdm the one that says 22 minuets is the one that i got banned for


Any evidence you can provide: chat logs is all the proof i have


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes i have


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I banned you for RDM because you had a recent Blacklist for RDM


Staff have guidelines to follow when handing out punishments and the next step up from a 48 hour blacklist is a 1 day ban. I was trying to explain it to you in the sit but you refused to listen to me. You were rude throughout the sit to me and to the victim. I had asked for proof of you mis-clicking (E.g. you running around swinging your knife and stabbing him).


You somehow misinterpreted me and thought I was asking for a recording of you clicking your mouse by accident, when I tried explaining what I meant you still didn't listen. You kept saying you shouldn't be banned for a mis-click and I explained to you that we don't normally take mis-clicks as a valid reason without evidence. After I banned you, you made a discord ticket and accused me of being 1-sided the entire sit.1659515071330.thumb.png.0c95efb8c640be237649f45da282c664.png

This is simply not true. I even asked for a higher rankings opinion and they also explained that we don't take mis-clicks as a valid reason.


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Evidence provided by Don Cheadle is sufficient and will not result in an un-ban.


Several warnings were given prior to this ban.

It is only 24H.


I suggest reading through our server rules and familiarising yourself with the RDM rule-set.


You will be unbanned 4:11PM 4th/08/2022 AWST.

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