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Warn Appeal

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Date of incident: 27/07/2022 6:45pm Ish


Steamid: STEAM_0:1:97952774

Warn by Steven Thomas for "metagaming"


What happened:

I was in my base when an individual popped in and began to bait a response out of me, a timeline of the chat was (note this man was the role of a Terrorist)


Him: "Tell me what you think im gonna do"

Me: "I think your gonna"

Him: "gonna what"

Me: "b.."

Him: "You cant do that thats metagaming"


I was then pulled into a sit with this man as well as the staff member Steven Thomas, Steven and the man who tried to bait a response out of me insisted I metagamed, I explained to them that Metagaming is the use of information in which your rp character would not have known, I did not state anything or do anything that implied I knew anything about this mans role (terrorist), all I did was say "i think your gonna" "b...". Me saying "b..". This could mean I was about to say anything, any action starting with B, Beat me up, Blow me, Bash me up, Batter me, bang me, in a real life setting merely saying I think your gonna b me would not mean anything, If I walk up to a police officer and say I'm gonna M you they cannot arrest me and say you just implied your going to murder me.


I can only assume they only thought I was going to say blow me up but this would be them merely relying on an inference that I was going to say this when I never really did for the basis of warning me.


I was warned on the assumption that I metagamed, when in reality, I never did.


Even though the staff member Steven Thomas was polite in this all, he did not handle this situation correctly and applied the metagaming rule improperly, afterwards, he patronised me by reading out the rules (which I am aware of) and proceeded to warn me, he did not hear out my arguments and rather than leaving the burden of proof on the Terrorist to explain why I was guilty he took sides and made me argue my innocence.


I understand this was only a verbal warning, however, it is a matter of the principle and I do not like being harassed by an individual and a staff and then being warned for something that I did not do. Especially when I am one who follows the rules of the server.


I am looking to have this warn removed, I have attached proof of this situation.


Thank you for looking into this.









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From the screenshots you can see that the man has insinuated something with the letter B. Now not to say that he could of meant anything that he had listed to earlier but too the common eye the first thing would you would think it would have any relevance to a Terrorist role is Bomb or blow up. As stated to you last night it isn't a permeate warn it is only a verbal. I can understand the frustration but it was a small count of Metagaming as you went off what the player model was. This is not something you are allowed to do unfortunately.



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Despite not directly saying bomb you are hinting towards it therefore it being metagame. The warn is a verbal and does not affect your permanent record and thus will stay. Please be mindful in the future about metagame and roleplay information.

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