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ryl's warn appeal


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Your SteamID: U:1:222545510

In-game name: ryl


Time and date of ban: 27/07/2022 (6PM AEST approx)


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: Garry Newman


Further details:


Jim Coomeracci [sTEAM_0:0:576466157] was setting up a gunstore vending machine on the side of the road as a Gun Dealer.


I was assisting him out of sympathy as he was having difficulty putting weapon shipments into the vending machine (people were stealing from him every time he's spawned it in).


There were around 3 thieves that stole from him in the time I was helping him. The police officer, "jark" (STEAM_0:1:103719867), watched the whole situation on the sidelines not taking action against any of the thieves.


Jim took out his assault rifle and killed the third thief. "jark" stunguns Jim attempting to arrest on grounds of having a 2-handed weapon (invalid due to the default Gun Dealer gun license). I kill "jark" to allow Jim to set up his gunstore.


I get taken to a sit and am warned.

Any evidence you can provide:


Garry, Jim, jark and I relied solely upon the logs for this judgement. I do not have further evidence to submit. Jim will be able to vouch for me assisting.


Have you become familiar with the rules?:


Yes, I acknowledge that due to the lack of RP relations, I have RDM'd though I did not bear any ill-intent. My only intention was to help Jim out of pity as I saw he was having a very hard time with his gun store.


I will bear this in mind for future RP scenarios and will continue to uphold server rules.

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