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Banned For Having Dwit in my name


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Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:520394100


In-game name:Dwit Sorze


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):26/07/2022


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Unfortunately I do not know his name all i know is his steam id which is Steam_0:0:0


Further details: So i put in a "@message" asking why my friend whose name is bully_au IGN-(hopinthevan) got banned. Then i was teleported to a admin sit where i was then asked what his steam id was and i thought i was getting somewhere with the admin with my friends unban but, then i went to tell him bully's steam id and he permanently banned ME and kicked me. I then proceeded to get my other friend "kaiz" to @message a admin which had the admin said to make a appeal at this forum. I then went to make a ticket in the orbital server discord, which then i was greeted by a admin called " Pharam " who then had said i was banned for having dwit in my name but, i just put it in my name for a joke as a dwit member whose name i can't recall said put dwit in your name to me and a bunch of people and i didn't realize its history until i had been banned and made a ticket i don't even know what dwit is and i just put it in my name for a funny thing not realizing its past with different dark rp servers. I hope you can see where i am coming from and i would love a second chance on the server knowing dwit's past now and promise to not put any clan or etc. name without knowing what it is.


Any evidence you can provide: idk what evidence i can put


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes

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You were banned alongside other DWIT members, You say you do not know what DWIT is and have no affiliation yet in your past steam names you have DWIT (see image attached). Your group is not welcome on our server. Do not reappeal.


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