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Marci's Warn Appeal


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Not a ban, but a warn.


Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:151576465


In-game name: Nick


Time and date of warn (Use timezone):AEST TIME, will post a ss.


Name of the Staff Member that warn you: Fiskii


Further details: so I believe I played on the 20th of July for a few hours and during that time I was messing around with angel for quite a while (I think this is who it is about but I'm not sure since I wasn't provided a lot of information about it). This warn ended up getting my trusted removed and that's why I'm actually appealing it. The warn was given on the 21st of july (a day I did not play but apparently it was about that night on the 20th that I was on). I supposedly broke angels night club entities for no reason which resulted in a warn, there is allegedly a video but once asked for it fiskii never sent it. I'm not gonna lie, I find it weird you guys don't keep evidence of that but anyways. From memory I broke one of angels speakers and possibly even a display screen which I was then given a verbal warning for in game, not a logged verbal, quite literally just a "don't do it again" because it was late and a lot of people were messing about. After that I didn't break anymore entities because I didn't feel like being warned. I get on the next day to find out that I was warned for the very same thing I was given a verbal for.


I message the moderator who warned me on discord, @fiskii. I ask him about it and after asking for proof he forgets about it until I messaged him again today where he basically told me to come here and make an appeal for it, everytime I asked what exactly I did he would reply that I "broke entities" never said who or what time I did it. I am presuming that It was angels entities but I'm not quite too sure.


Angel got banned again later that night for breaking the rules so I am guessing due to her not liking me she decided to try and make something of that sit that was handled in game earlier that night. Feel free to ask questions and I will leave a list of my own right below this, don't just go "here is the vid, discussion over" because I acknowledge that I broke 1 or 2 of angels entities, what I don't understand is that it got handled twice after already being decided on.


- If my trusted is gonna be removed for this then I would like to see the evidence (video) so I can get a better grasp of what was going on at the time.

- tbh that's basically it so yep


Any evidence you can provide: other way around


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I am


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Good Day Nick,


You have been warned because of Breaking Job Entities unless you are raiding which is already in the server rules. You were a Mayor job and went to Angel's Nightclub and have started to take a troll in her nightclub by destroying some of her Nightclub Entities. You were also with 2 - 3 other mayor job roles around and there was a 2nd guy destroying the entities with you as well. Not only that, you also had a prior warn before my warn which is "Prop Abuse (Moderate) | BL Props 12h" by pharam on the same day. Regarding to the Evidence, I apologize for not providing evidence and also did not reject to sending it because angel was the one sending but I don't usually save evidences over something that is simple and can be dealt with just common sense especially to a Trusted member of the community. The report was handled on a discord ticket system as reported by Angel. The ticket was solely not about Angel's "sook" towards you that got her banned but it was pointed at your wrongdoing that ruined her roleplay immersion. On the other hand, every discord tickets handled will be deleted right after to prevent any clutters to the ticket handling category and will have an easy time for the staff team.


This was not only handled by myself, this was supervised and handled also with @TerrA

And the decision of the warn and stripping of your Trusted Rank was TerrA himself. He also have seen the evidence.

I would say it again, you had a warn by pharam I just mentioned it before regarding to angel's night club incident then got a verbal with the same incident. Hence, this was handled again and it concluded to TerrA's decision to replace the verbal with a Warn and a Rank Strip.


Now if you have not forgotten on the Trusted Application Template saying that your Trusted will be stripped/removed if misused in every aspect inside the Orbital Community.


Out of Topic, I apologize for forgetting the talk last night but there was an important talk happening while you were at it and I don't wanna disclose it further more.


Looking forward to your reply

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Not sure it is a staff requirement, I think it is more a personal thing but there was a staff member who refused to take tickets about friends or incidents that had anything to do with friends and I thought it was a pretty good idea to prevent bias. Everyone on the server knows that terra and angel are v good friends. That aside I think and other staff member would have seen that ticket that was on discord and replied with "this situation has already been handled" and not "oh yes we have handled this already but we will decide to push it even further now that you had come to us a second time" I just don't see how it is right to reward people who are just pushing the same incident again and again in hopes that a different staff member will view it differently and choose to punish the player, even though I had already had a talking to for it.


Also I am aware I got a warning earlier that night, and after that I stopped going near her base cause that was it for me. The verbal and the prop incident took place at the same time btw. But even though I left her alone after the prop incident I still get in trouble the day after what happened due to her friend taking the ticket instead of the staff online.


Also on the trusted app template it states that if I misuse the *role* of trusted it would be removed and in now way did my trusted have anything to do with what happened that night. I didn't use adv dupe, wire mod or anything of that matter. I understand removing the role if the person in possession of it are breaking rules constantly but it was one night and 1 warn which turned into 2 about the same incident. To me I don't see how removing my trusted role over 1 incident is fair. I am not a consistent rule breaker, It was a one off, my last warn since then was an accident and it was months ago. There are many other trusted that break rules (intentionally or not) and don't lose their rank so why is it different for I?

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Regarding to 1st paragraph, if you have complaints to a certain staff member, please go to the Staff Report


2nd paragraph, prop warn and failrp warn are different and their punishments are handled different.


3rd paragraph, It does not say anything misuse of "trusted power/privileges" only but it points to the Trusted Role itself so this also includes getting warned or being a minge to the server. Regarding to your warns, you would obviously have read the rules carefully and should respect to it all times hence, why you got the Trusted Role. The strip of your rank was also not just determined by the angel incident but it was based to other warns especially two warns you've had back on May.

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[JUSTIFY]Me and angel being friends or whatnot doesn't excuse your actions. Not to mention that you were literally prop abusing her base before this incident. Stop making excuses and own up to your actions instead, you knew what you were doing. I saw the evidence alongside several other staff members on a voice channel and we all blatantly knew that you were starting shit around. Throughout your time of returning back to the server, you've been nothing but a minge and I still believe my decision of stripping your Trusted rank is valid and should have been done a long time ago given your immature attitude. Please remember that you represent the entire server when you are a Trusted member as the role speaks for itself.[/JUSTIFY]

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