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Blacklist Appeal

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Your SteamID: 76561198395184996


In-game name: Walterburg


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 23/07/2022 @ 8:20pm


Name of the Staff Member that blacklisted you: Mersman


Further details:


Heres the story:

I was on the server today, and considering many of my friends were online, we messed around and did some dumb stuff like making random builds and whatnot (following the rules). Among this messing around, I started using some sound emitters in my own base, and i wasn't being too obnoxious about it all. However, the people that owned the base next to us (did not recall names) had told us that the sound was annoying them, so i promptly deleted them as i didn't want to be a bother to what they were doing. Despite this, they still had called an admin and i got sent to a sit with Mersman, i told him the story and despite me cooperating; i still got a sound emitter blacklist for 6 hours. Now that would've been completely fine, as i did not intend to use them anymore anyway, but apparently Mersman had decided to give me a 6 hour blacklist of the ENTIRE toolgun.

Conclusion: Despite me cooperating completely, I still had gotten an over-the-top punishment completely undeserved.

Any evidence you can provide:image_2022-07-23_202742346.thumb.png.873d1470d703934e84ff20184de1f303.png


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Very, as i have been on the server for 1 week and 1 day, and have learnt from old punishments.


Feel free to pull me into a sit if you have any questions.

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Hello walterburg,

I had received complaints from the players basing next door that there was sound emitter abuse happening near their base. I checked logs and saw this




I came to the conclusion that you were abusing the sound emitter and went a head and issued a blacklist from using the toolgun. However from writing this I've changed my mind and will remove the blacklist shortly however the warn will remain

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