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blacklisted and warned for no reason

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ivett roberta


14/7/2022 11:30pm




been warned for homophobic slurs and when I asked to see the clip he wouldn't show it, it was at the orbital hotel and sneed and symes were raiding, and I was with basil bum so they are the only ones who could've sent it, I never said any homophobic slurs, I've had issues with symes in the past and this random blacklist and warn is complete bullshit, especially when he wouldn't prove that it was even me that did it


i dont record my gameplay so i can only say that basil bum was the only other person besides sneed and symes that prove i didnt


i didnt break anyrules so i dont need to become familar with them


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id also like to say i was brought to the sit with only frostyboi no one else not even the person how apparently has the clip and when i asked to see it he said they were afk and then just blacklisted me without saying much which i feel is not the correct way to handle it,


and if there is proof I would much like to see it cuz I know for a fact that I didn't say any slurs

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Hellooooo Frostyyyyy


I didn't prove the clip at the time as the user that reported was afk and you could make an appeal to your warn which you have. You were warned for homophobic slurs which were said at the hotel. The person that reported decided to stay anonymous and I will respect that decision that they made This is why it was just me and you in the sitroom. The clip shown below is a little quiet but does prove what you have done. Please contact me if there is anything else I can do for you


Have a good day


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