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Unfair Blacklist

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Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198954674357/


In-game name: NeganiswillYT


Time and date of the ban (Use timezone): 6-7 o'clock


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: 'cowboy'


Further details: My ingame user is NeganiswillYT and I feel my 48-hour weapon ban was faulty and unnecessary. While I killed a whole club of 4-5 people, it was legal at the time to kill anyone in this area. If anyone should take the fall it should be the mayor at the time who allowed this law to take place, the law being, 'Anyone in the debating club was KOS and Illegal.' Showing my true inner policemanship I shot on sight, being KOS. I didn't mean to cause any harm as at the time it was legal. If the law weren't there I would never have shot and killed those rule-breakers. The people of the debate club broke NLR and came back straight after I massacred their entire club showing that I genuinely care for the law.


Any evidence you can provide: Yur Storino (Discord: MrDingle#6561) and Crystal Joe (Discord: ResetYourKid#8552) were both there and can vouch for me.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I have become familiar with the rules after committing these 'crimes' I was also talked to me very rudely by this cowboy and he vigorously yelling at me.


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Hello Negan,


I'm going to be starting off with the common sense of said situation. It should be general knowledge and common sense that no one can authorize the killing of multiple individuals and should have maybe double-checked if it was ok with the staff before doing so. If you were familiar with the rules this wouldn't of been an issue in the first place and the only people that can be KOS'd are rats on the surface as stated in the rules if the mayor approves it.


You caused several people to possibly lose items that cost a fair bit of in-game money to get, while its not much it can be annoying to said users.


Regardless if the law said you could do so, as I stated it's common sense that you cant go and purge other players of the server and you will take the punishment for doing so.


You have a history of breaking the rules of the server to, showing me that you have been told off for stuff like this in the past which also lead to me giving you a blacklist from weapons. The past 4 warns are recent aswell.


You claiming that I talked to you in a rude tone isn't true at all, I talk to everyone in a calm tone as I give everyone I communicate to respect and I expect respect back.




Have a good day.

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The Mayor cannot authorise KOS laws for any reason (Except Sewer Rats on the Surface). The law was not allowed by server rules, and thus not valid. You should've understood this and made a ticket instead of KOSing an entire room of players, then blaming the Mayor after the fact. For these reasons,

The Weapon Blacklist is Valid and Will Stay.

I did not message your friends, witnesses aren't accepted in sits/appeals. If you do have a problem with the staff member's behaviour, I implore you to make a staff report instead of adding it onto your appeal.

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