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John Jelaiu Johnson's Trusted Applications


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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199026366933/


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:533050602


Discord User#: muff#1028


Your in-game name: John Jelaiu Johnson


What is your gametime?IMG20220702003056.thumb.jpg.82de96a9a054f4b225b9d0e620295713.jpg


How many warnings do you have?1656744268998.thumb.png.0e4c59ccb16b6590606fb7b226592651.png


How many Softbans/blacklists so you have?1656744281352.thumb.png.23dcaae3b6db4f605af26dfb24979a55.png


Why do you believe that you deserve trusted?


Hello John here first off I thank you for you people giving me a chance to read this thread for two times now (I guess). You guys are being pretty cool now, some of yous are pretty epic to play with (on this server). I barely talk on the discord servers but I do got some good reputations (on gmod aswell), well I don't really have a microphone (one day i can get a new one ong). sometimes some people kinda like hanging around with me and having a good time with them (sometimes), I made like a decent amount of friends on the server,well i hope so. I play around with people just like pretending to be a junkie or uhh becoming an angry bushman! Eh just hope I don't break any rules. but i sometimes i can become very serious when i needed. I think making me (John Jelaiu Johnson) a trusted on this server will only make everyone that knows that I'm a bit happy than before.sometimes i get on this server almost everyday.


Explain how you can help the community with your trusted rank?


I would try to make this server cooler, mmmaybe I could get people along and can just guide others to be a good fella when they're on the server.I recommend the future darkrpers to join this server. I would recommend Orbital (ong), I wouldn't hesitate to tell some dude who wants to play darkrp for the first time to join this server.


Are you familiar with the rules and guidelines?


Well yes, I do familiarize myself with the rules and guidelines of Orbital and will teach/help dudes who are just doesn't know how to darkrp.


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?


Of course I do, I FULLY UNDERSTAND that this role, as a trusted could be gone if i just misuse/abuse my role as a trusted


Oh uh one last thing: thank you for uhh letting me make another thread, also lmk in discord if you want the arrived thing just like terrA's xx



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Look, I really haven't had much to do with you in game; nor do I really know who you are but the ap is quite sound for my liking. You have stuck out of trouble for quite a while from what I can see. Only thing I would say is possibly put the time stamps of when you were warned in as well so we can determine how long you have been a good little boy. But over all I think its pretty safe to say he could have a chance +1
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Given you have 2 weeks on the server and you do seem pretty dedicated i don't see a reason to -1 or anything. I mean you did wire abuse etc but there's always a 2nd 3rd 4th 6th chance I believe. (don't ask about 5th <span style=😱"> )


My only major complaint is you're taking pictures with your phone and not screenshotting in game 🙀

(please fix for my sanity!) 🙏


+1 From Orbital Server's worst forum admin

(Too busy playing lego starwars the clone wars to notice an n word spam post and several discord pings because its full screen mode is bad)


(I wish old Lego games had windowed mode)

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+1 application looks good and should get you over the line.


However I'm not pleased with the warns due to your abusive actions with wire mod but I guess that can be forgiven if you really mean it.

Furthermore I'm pretty annoyed on why you didn't just Screenshot the hours and warns but thats just me being picky

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2 weeks of play time, minimal warns throughout those 2 dedicated weeks, cant see the time frames of said warns but assuming some of them are from older staff members I will take the assumption of thinking they're old.


Forum activity could be better!


Haven't had bad interactions with you, so good luck.

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Congratulations on achieving Trusted!

I have set your ranks in-game.


Message one of the following Enforcers to receive your forum and discord ranks!

Garry Newman: MrScammerMan#7118

Joe Pesci (Frothyz4Dayz): Clorax#3765

Howard Rice: Cheeseking21#5779

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