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Tori reapplying for commander


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STEAM ID- STEAM_0:0:39405694

AGE- 19

Discord User#- Torii#5604

In Game Time-




Current Police Rank- Chief Superintendent


Current Swat Rank- Commander Sergeant Major


Other Ranks- Chief Detective and Chief Superintendent/CSM on all Police and Swat Jobs


Why do I believe I should get commander again?- After my Ban and which resulted in my demotion from SWAT-High Command I went on Hiatus, when I finally came back I saw what State the Swat Branch and PD as a whole had become, not to say that any of the previous or current commanders have done anything wrong, it just seems as though they aren't doing enough and PD is slowly dying out because of it. I'd like to come back and try to revitalise the Command team and PD as a whole with my previous experience as a member of HC.


What I'd be giving to this community if I receive this role- It'd be returning one of the best HC the PD has had (not me saying this but many of those who I worked with and who worked under me) and another chance at bringing PD back to what it used to be. A lively active community.



Qualities- My lengthy experience in PD and having learnt from OG's Such as Terra and Indigo


Do I agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?- Never have never will.


Do I agree that my powers will be stripped completely if misused?- Yes I do, I accepted my previous punishment without issue, why would I have an issue now?


Do I agree to follow comm/cdmr expectations once given?- Yes I pretty sure I helped edit them a while back :)


P.S another reason for this app was the amount of people asking if and when it was gonna happen. SO HERE it's done :cautious:

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Tori is very experienced former member of Command who has recently made a return to the server and has shown their activity. Tori is mature and understands the rules. Tori does have a recent warning but as the Staff member who gave it to him it does not matter in my opinion compared to his positives. I can't wait to work with you Tori!

Good Luck Tori!

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I can't speak for your previous experience on the server as I wasn't around back then, but what I've seen recently from you looks promising.


+experienced in command

+good rapport with most of PD player-base

-recent warn for ARDM


The positives outweigh the negative however so yeah +1

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