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Tori's Trusted App


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Steam Community link- https://steamcommunity.com/id/ToriAlex/

Steam ID- STEAM_0:0:39405694

Discord User- Torii#5604

In game name- Tori

Game Time-


Warns/bans- warns.thumb.jpg.74506b1b54ea7789531cada86c3b683d.jpg

Soft warns/blacklists (also seen above)


Reason for trusted- After my month ban (as seen above) I took a rather lengthy break, (Jan-May) now recently come back to see how much as changed, and to see who's still around. I Believe I should get trusted, as I'm a well known and mostly respected member of the community and I'd like the ability to show that again. And I do believe I had trusted prior to my ban though I don't have evidence to show that (I think it had something to do with me buying supporter when It was first released?)


Explain how I believe I can help?- Well, as Ex-HC for the PD, I'm very well versed in all things PD, as well I'm okay with wire (could definitely improve) and I'm usually a friendly up beat individual who's happy to help out people in need or new players to the server.


Am I familiar with rules and guidelines?- Yes . and I've learned my lesson from my previous mistake

Do I agree that my rank will be stripped if I misuse?- Yep completely, It's happened once before

Do I agree to not abuse any powers that are given with this rank?- Yep I have never once abused my powers given to my with any role or rank during my stay on this server and in it's community.

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Defo +1

Tori is a great bloke and very cool. He may have had some conflict in the past, but is is a certain good guy and I would trust him with my fortnite account any day. Would recommend you play a bit so more people can get to know you who are newer, however you are most definitely a great guy and chill to hang around.

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