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Stans Ban Appeal

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Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:425680857

In game name: Stan the Man

Time and date of ban: 23/04 5:50AEST - 6:00AEST

Person who banned me:{ Garry newman.

Details: So I was first banned for LTAP which is because my game crashed and NITRP even though I was interacting and chatting with alot of people and AMRDM even though what I remembered was that I had killed 2 people 1 for bodyblocking and the other was just rdm then I killed a cop when he was tryna taze me which is AMRDM if it was all RDM But it wasnt.

Evidence: N/A

Are you familiar with the rules?: Yes I have 5 days on the server.

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Hey Stan The Man.


You were banned for AMRDM which you weren't able to explain as you LTAP'd right as I pulled you into the sit. According to logs it says "Disconnect by user", meaning that you left the server and did not crash. According to logs you damaged 4 people and killed one with a TMP. This therefore qualified for AMRDM and you were banned according to Server Standards. I understand that there was a large amount of players MRDMing at the time and you may have had some staff issues but this isn't a valid reason to AMRDM yourself.



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You were banned for AMRDM | NITRP | LTAP | 10D SB,

Killing or damaging 3-4 people without a valid RP reason is AMRDM, killing players for staff issues is not the correct way to handle the situation. In future, if players are bodyblocking you, make a staff ticket by typing "@ help im being body blocked" or something along those lines.

The staff member involved in your sit issued your ban fairly based on the information at hand, disconnect logs said you disconnected yourself, so LTAP (leave to avoid punishment) was added, as stated it should be in our punishment guidelines.


The warn and ban are both valid and will stay.

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