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Glitching through walls/propblocking spawn/killing me as soon as i spawned


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Your In-Game Name: Danielle Stealle


Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:92755856


Offenders In-Game name: half the server


Offenders SteamID:


Details about this incident:

Basically what happened in this situation was that I was voted to become mayor. As soon as I became mayor I made some laws that a lot of people disliked. Some rules went against server rules at first but I changed it after some people's reccommendations. After that I started building my base (which is allowed according to server rules) (take note that I did not RP in any way during building phase). When I was building, several people harassed me by putting cameras in my base and waving it in front of my face as well as signs. Two people glitched into the base by ragdolling and proceeded to kill me while I was building. After I respawned I kept being killed over and over again as soon as I left spawn/inside the spawn from which i changed my name. Then they still kept killing me AND propblocked spawn to prevent me from leaving.

One person who glitched into my base was tommy jackson im pretty sure. Also I think all if not most of the sinclairs were a part of this

Evidence/pictures (If any):


Time of incident (Including timezone):

around 9:40 until 10:05 pm aest 20th april



leroy jenkins just tased me for no reason 10:26 pm (when i rejoined server)

Diamond foxy is trapping me 10:26 pm (when i rejoined server)

Also I changed my name to johnnyy and then deatheater to escape from being killed /kidnapped


10:34pm someone else named themselves johnnyyy and are being rdmed by andre and tommy

Someone has named themselves johnnyyy and is rdming trying to frame me. That is not me if you check steam ID

Edit: 10:37 the guy who renamed themselves Johnny is mass Edmund and propblocking it is not me. I’m pretty sure it was diamond foxy who changed his name and is trying to frame me




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I have banned Diamond Foxy yesterday through the console after being given plenty of proof from another member of the community. Thank you for submitting a report @gunter!



TerrA banned STEAM_0:1:75929163 Reason: MRDM Propblock (Moderate) NITRP  SB 2W

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