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Most efficient way to make money

mr balls

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How so you mobs make money?

Personally weed and printers is best for me. Also doing things on the side. Such as gambling/selling dupes.

Being a police officer is also alot of fun. Printers and money from breaking printers etc.

Playing mob boss is how you get big bucks as mob. I usually make people pay a protection fee, drug fee, printer fee ect. Since all of those stack up I'll make em pay around 35k in total. Then I also get money when drug dealers sell usually around 20% so I usually make a profit, keep in mind I've got my printers set up making me money as well. Best place to have mob territory would be industrial since so many weed dealers base there. :)

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Weed and Printers are the best large scale combo, if you have a good amount you can make 50k in one harvest of weed and have the printer pay for the stuff used to make the weed, meaning that your printers are paid for with the first harvest and then its only profit from then on. its gets boring though, i love Darths cop method, rping in the community and making bank.
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The mob can make money a few ways

Due to numbers having, stealing and protecting printers becomes an easy task.

Due to not allowing police in turf and anti raid rules we charge protection to people within our borders and demand a cut for the permitted raids.

Extorting drug dealers for a 10-50% cut of proceeds for safe passage through territory

Kidnapping important people to charge for their release

Robbing the bank when it hits 60k


The mob is not as profitable as certain jobs on the server but comes with fun Rp along with the capability for not bad money and its this balance that makes me enjoy the role so much XD

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