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PD Armory - Menu Changes, some item costs, more rank restrictions


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Suggestion copy pasted from original at IconicRP forums. This suggestion has already received strong support at its original posting.


What category does this suggestion apply to? Addon (Changes to existing)


Details/Information about your suggestion:


  1. Please, for the love of whatever makes you happy, make the Armoury menu persist (stay open) after collecting an equipment item: Currently, when you take a gun or ammo/equipment from the armoury, the menu closes. I don't know about the rest of you but I find this insanely frustrating and time consuming -- especially considering the horribly oversized list items and janky scrolling making it even worse for getting ammo/armor/health, when you're trying to gear up and get back to work or even rush off to an incipient situation. The menu should remain open until you are finished getting whatever equipment you're after; it is much less annoying to click to close the menu when you are done, rather than having to reopen it and scroll lightyears down to get another tiny box of ammo or to get your armor or a backup weapon.
  2. Make the layout more user friendly by reducing the amount of scrolling needed: As explained above, the current presentation/layout of the Armoury menu having only ~3 list items visible means that you have to do an awful lot of scrolling just to get to what you want and with ammo, health and armor at the bottom this issue is especially annoying in combination with the menu closing after collecting every item. Rescaling the menu dimensions and then the list item height would allow for more of its contents to display and thus alleviate the need for janky, time consuming scrolling.
  3. Rename the damn "Binelli" shotgun: It's Benelli not Binelli.
  4. As has been suggested before, items from the armoury should cost at least a little bit of money, and more rank restrictions should be implemented, if for no other reason than to make some choices more balanced/realistic: I also first thought it was kind of cool that everything was free and that a most weapons are available at ranks as low as Constable. But having played around a bit I'm not so fond of it even though it would mean restricting myself.
    I won't go listing all the weapons to be restricted, but here's an example of the lack of logic in the current restrictions observed: As a Constable, I have access to a .50 calibre Desert Eagle and a .30 calibre Scar-H (which mind you should have a 20 round magazine not 30, and should hurt more than 5.56NATO weapons... wtaf?), but not a .44 Raging Bull (you might argue that the scope plays a part, but who in their right mind is trying to snipe with a revolver?) (also, the armory doesn't even give the .44 Raging Bull when selected anyway)?
    Furthermore, with the availability of most every other gun (for free no less), the Desert Eagle and M9 for that matter are just not worth ever picking up, we also have no SMG options either...
    Reevaluation of the weapons available and their rank restrictions is suggested, to bring more immersion, balance and purpose to both low and high tier police ranks.
    Furthermore, I propose making armor and health kits cost money (why have half/full armor/health options if both are free? There's literally no point to the half options at this time).
    I would not be opposed to a varying cost (increasing for more powerful weapons) being added to all 2h weapons and high calibre pistols, so as to make cops care just a tad more about dying on the job.

How do you think this will benefit the server? I've mostly explained this in the above section, but to summarise, I think these suggestions will be beneficial towards a bit more immersive roleplay and balance, alongside "quality of life" improvements for police when they use the armory.


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I don't agree with making the police pay to use the guns they need to perform RP.

That's a bit ridiculous.

Keeping the menu open after choosing a gun is something I want too.

This isn't serious RP.

Don't stress about the calibre or whatever of a gun, they all do roughly the same damage and sometimes people underestimate some of the guns like the M4A1.

-1 on paying for guns and armor.

+1 on interface improvements

-1 on the "logic" section of your post.


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