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Orbital County Sheriff Department [OCD]


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Every time the map changes you can hear a few cops utter unholy words. This is usually in reference to the fact that the PD is completely different and their dupes are now useless. I have a half solution for this.


The OCD is a secondary PD designed for Detectives to use, Police officers to hang out in and the Mayor to also hang out in I guess. It includes an interrogation room (doors are no collided that might need a change), holding cells (basically a different room for interrogation and the general office area and front desk fit for anyone in the PD. I had planned a second story for high rank offices but I just couldn't be assed although the roof is accessible.


Detectives will basically be running the show in the OCD. Since they're the division that can use this better than others and can also buy doors for certain reasons unlike the other divisions. Much like most buildings I've made this is not just for 1 map. It can almost fit anywhere.






sheriff pd.txt

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