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Jaque Sternest Trusted Application


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Steam Community Link





Discord User#

zepos Δ#9970


Your in-game name

Jaque Sternest (Previously it was John James, I changed it recently)

What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot)


How many warnings/softbans/blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot)


This happened very recently and I am very apologetic for it. I had a hit on the mayor and I thought hitman were allowed to assist in raids to finish a hit. That is why I assisted on in a raid in PD.


I gunned down two cops and died shortly after, I did hear someone say I was RDMing but I respawned before hearing the full thing of what he said. Honestly I didn't even know I was warned for this since I wasn't online during the 12hr weapon bl due to my exams, only now after taking a screenshot of it I realised I was warned. I am planning to appeal for this warn.



Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

To be honest, when I first joined Orbital I was treating it like a replacement to Supremacy but after playing for a while I really started to fall in love with this community and all the funny shit that happens inside it. I have been here since the rebranding to Orbital and have great appreciation for this server, I have made great friends and even met old ones. This server does a great job in making people feel not left out and just feels more lively in general compared to other competitors. I always cherished the late nights where there is like five people online, everyone is messing around and the staffs spawning in RPGs for us.


Although there are 2 other servers I know off that is currently rivalling Orbital, I still chose to stay. I have tried playing on Coastal but it just doesn't feel the same. Orbital is the only server that has a very loving community who treats everyone in it as friends no matter who they are or where they are from. Many people who has originally played in Orbital have moved to more populated DarkRP servers but in my opinion that is the wrong decision.


I've helped new players get started and it's something I believe should be normalised. I don't tell them to go watch a YouTube video or do !tutorial, I stay with them and help them get a base up. I always find enjoyment in helping those who are in need and I hope that at least one person that I have helped in the past has started playing DarkRP regularly. I try my best to make people around me laugh and lighten their mood.


I have been here since the beginning of Orbital and I WILL stay until the very end.


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?

I can help the community with my trusted rank by providing fun games using wiremod. I will use my trusted rank to give enjoyment to the community instead of using it as a means to defend my printers or base. My main goal when playing DarkRP isn't to grind 24/7 in the sewers growing weed, this is why I dislike the tedious jobs money making jobs. The things I do to make money are normally related with other players such as making my Black Jack, Gun Store, etc.


Although I used donate to this server to have a wider access to variety of perks like for example: a higher prop limit, access to wire mod, and permission to use the advanced duplicator, I wish to be considered a trusted member of this community.



Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?

Yes, I do not recall breaking them and have always helped people understand them.

Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?

Of course I do not have any malicious intent with my role.

Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?

I will never abuse my powers.


Thank you for taking your time to read this, hope I get accepted :D


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-1 you aren't well known, with a recent warn you cannot become trusted, this is your first message here on the forums, discord activity could be better but is acceptable, Your app has a lot of detail which is amazing for your first trusted app.


Good luck with the app.

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Sorry little amigo, I've seen you quite a bit and have had some amazing interactions with you. you're always into the rp side of things and are overall a good player to be around. There is only 2 things that I believe have killed this app. The lack of forum activity and the recent warn. If it wasnt for the warn I would probably give it a +1 even with the low forums activity, but unfortunately I can't look past it. I appreciate the effort you put into this but like I said above this is unfortunately a -1

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Thanks, I'll take account of your opinion and will put less detail in my trusted application.

It doesn’t mean less detail my man, just means make your presence better on the server with more interactions, easiest way is through pd standing out imo.


Goodluck man, you’re always a nice person to see on the server every now and then.


+1 because I know you’ll apply the feedback

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