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Ban appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:222823922


In-game name: Frosty


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 10:10


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: River Smith


Further details: Literally no clue why I was banned for MRDM. I think I had audio issues during the sit and thus couldn't hear river


Any evidence you can provide: N/A


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Ye

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Hey Frosty

First off sorry that you had audio issues during the sit, I was talking to you and you were unresponsive mythic gears was viewing the sit and could hear my mic. I should of typed so that you could understand. I banned you for MRDM after I received a ticket saying the player was RDMed, brought him in saw that you killed him. Check combat logs and saw that you kill multiple players as hitman which had no hits (Evidence is below within the screenshot)


1649421029904.png.4bd9f705f1e8cfb6416ea69a9cf1c114.png(Screenshot of all the hits in the past 3 hours)


For my evidence above I believe your ban is valid. Thank you for making your appeal and being mature about it.

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Hello frosty, I was observing the sit as river is a helper, so I was sorta on stand by if assistance was needed.

You had mic issues at the start of the sit, which was sorted as I was watching you ask river how he got staff, you seemed quite responsive then, but when asked why you shot and killed a heap of people you went silent.

If you were unable to hear you could have surely seen the speech icon that pops up in the lower right hand corner when someone around you is using voice, at which point you could have said "hey, I see you talking but I can't hear, please type" or something similar.

You made no effort to explain your actions in the sit, and because of this, river issued a warn and ban based on the evidence provided, which showed you Pulling a Massy.

As former staff you are very clear on the way of proceeding in a sit with no reply from the accused, you are also very familiar with the rules on mass rdm. The warn was issued based on available evidence, which showed you were in the wrong. I went over the logs before giving the go ahead for a ban, and none of the players you killed had hits. If you have proof of any body blocking it would be greatly appreciated. In future, don't take staff issues into your own hands. Enjoy your day, I look forward to your return.


Mythic Gears

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So not gonna lie. I didn't even realise I was in a sit due to no-one else being there other than River and me. So forgive me that I was alt tabbed a bit and wasn't paying attention at the time. Didn't even really know I was in a sit till the warn came out. Im pretty sure I never heard river since I was asking him the same question and he never responded.
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While I completly understand where your coming from (that is, admins caught up in other situations during a rush period) in taking your own action. Killing them was not the appropriate answer and never the answer.Any punishment is up is determined by the admin assisting in the situation.


The kills shown through screenshot River Smith has provided shows the death of 5 players, disregarding Kit's deaths. Im still unsure how he/she was able to fling you with props causing damage? Either way, you still qualified for MRDM


Sadly, due to the reasons above:

Your ban is valid and will stay


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