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7up's ban appeal


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Your SteamID STEAM_0:1:557347584


In-game name: 7up


Time and date of ban 05/04/22


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Fisckii


Further details: I was banned for "letting thieves get in the base for roof access to rdm people" or promoting rule-breaking however all I was doing was basing with the thieves as they were new to the server I saw them walking around not really knowing what to do so I let them in my base so I could teach them how to play I took all the necessary steps to base with them like adding them to the doors ect once they had been let into my base I didn't expect them to start shooting people as soon as i realised what they were doing I killed them but them knowing the code came straight back in and killed me I don't understand why I am in trouble for somebody else's actions as all I was doing was attempting to help bring new players into the server.


Any evidence you can provide: no


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes



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Good Day 7up!


Apparently, based on Davy's Video Evidence (Screen shared me it) on an incident report against you and the two thieves, it looked like they were welcomed to freely kill people from your roof access. Despite you're saying that you're trying to teach them, as soon as they were killed or died from something else, they did not go through your base codes but you fading door abused it to let you and themselves in easily. Also if they were genuinely new, and you were teaching them how to play the game, and they were suddenly rdm'ing people. You would have already knew that you can report players right? I know they're new, they're supposed to learn but we wouldn't know what their intent really is if they were just playing you around or just fucking around or apologies if they were "actually" new.


Like we the staff team, would also never know what you could have told or taught them how to play DarkRP. I would recommend on teaching new players if that was your intent by giving them some youtube videos on how people play DarkRP or there are even tutorials out there that you can find, from youtube, reddit, or even steam community! Lastly, you can also be held responsible at some point because again "we staff team, would also never know what you could have told or taught them how to play DarkRP."


I understand you may have good intent to teach people but that's not what I saw in my point of view of the incident report.

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