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Ethans Ban Appeal


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SteamID: STEAM_0:1:603854373


Ingame name: Ethan


Time: AEDT-28/3/2022-08:52


Who: Penguinhats banned me


me and some other people were joking around with this guy ranger and he died so i thought it would be funny to just have a joke and prop block him in spawn for a tiny bit (ranger was the only one being propblocked and it was for about 7-9 seconds) so i did and then Jeffery Akbar came over and said remove which i proceeded to do then when i did ranger called an admin, so than appeared the night in shining armor and proceeded to take me to a sit and ban me


Evidence: I cannot provide any but i think there were some people behind me who saw it


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes i have always been familiar with the rules but i thought it was just a joke but not to penguin


PS. im not sure if my reason should be for major propblock and a one week ban but if it is right just ignore this part

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