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Staff report - Wilhelm

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Your in game name: Biggie Smalls


Time of incident: Around 4:30 - 5:30, whenever the server crashed on 27/3/22


Staff member(s) you are reporting: Wilhelm Von Zuen


Details of the incident: After coming back from the server crashing, I attempt to start up RP again so I go for mayor, where I am slain but there are no records of, so I cant prove how/who it was done by, just providing detail leading up to the event. After asking who slayed me, I was then blamed for causing the server to crash despite having no evidence (my theory is that multiple dupes were placed at the same time, Mashed Potatoes even said it might have been him, causing a crash) and was then frozen and placed into a corner by Wilhelm. I am then rdmed after Wilhelm told people that they have permission to beat me to death (encouraging rdm). Not only was I stuck in a corner, I was frozen so I couldn't even try and escape. I was blamed for something that I didn't even cause and as a result I get unfair treatment by Wilhelm abusing staff privileges by freezing and encouraging rdm.


Any evidence (If Any): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/fGWPl8aTJVzEK/d1337pJ661pM?invite=cr-MSxUVXIsMzY2NjY5Mjks

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I'm going to level with you, buddy.


You currently have 45 warns, you'd have a lot more if staff warned you each time you RDM'd us.


It's a bit rich talking about encouraging RDM when you can't stop RDMing people..


I kicked you not long ago for spamming wire buttons, Wilhelm would not have kicked you for no reason - he would have had several warnings in his admin panel.


To make a staff report on someone for abuse and RDM when you frequently abuse staff and RDM staff, I simply cannot take your report seriously



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