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Vigilante job


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): job

Details/Information about your suggestion: A vigilante that can KOS anyone who breaks laws, this obviously wouldn't be every law but stuff like raiding and murder. Vigilantism would be illegal and they can only kill while cops are not actively arresting someone, i.e. chasing with taser, already tased, in cuffs = Can't KOS | active combat with PD, no cops around = Can KOS. A message should be played similar to how hits work when you die to a vigilante. To reduce the RDM sits maybe vigilantes would have to give a warning in chat like '[Yell] Vigilante: Stop criminal, or face justice! 5 seconds!' if they weren't in active combat with PD or anyone else

How do you think this will benefit the server?: A fun way to kill time without the rules and regulations of PD, would also create more competition against the PD as they would now have rivals in the crime fighting business. This could lead to some interesting role play situations that the server hasn't seen before where detectives have to choose to hunt down the vigilante or let him be to fight crime on his own terms, and it would play out like a batman comic.

Links: Some potential player models




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