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Cars, Combat and Coffee [Misc Dupes]


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These dupes have no theme. It's just a collection of shit i've made that is yet to be public. Here's what we got:


Huey. Server lacks aircrafts. So i made 2 that can be prime for PD events and decoration. (i'l make some planes later too just for you Wilhelm <3)


Buzzard. Based on a helicopter from GTAV under the same name. A more compact option for pilots


Dave Motors Hatchback. Generic mini van/hatchback, no windows on this one due to the odd shaping.


COD Zombies BO2 Tranzit Bus. This was a recommendation by Dallas and some other wanker.


StabucS. Drink shop built for Cooks and Gardeners. Comes with pre-made menu.


Have fun with these ones. I'll try to give future dupe collections an actual theme in the future. I just have a fair few that don't really fit anywhere.


Feel free to suggest shit for me to make because I will (not) do it


50s transit bus.txt

90s mini van.txt



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