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New Years Event Announcement

Jeremy Coomeracci

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With the end of the year rapidly approaching, New Years celebrations are guaranteed to create a boom in COVID cases. As such, many of us are either unable or unwilling to go out for New Years for the sake of our safety as well as those around us. In lieu of this I understand many were likely to have a disappointing/uneventful New Years and I simply cannot allow that.


In the spirit of festivity and pure entertainment, I'm happy to announce i'll be throwing a Midnight Countdown event on Orbital this friday!


Here's how it works:


From 7PM AEST the New Year Brew Me! bar will open next to PD. This will serve as the hub to all of our night's fun & games. We'll have a bar, music, stage & in-house cook providing Muffins, Brownies & Blunts for you all to enjoy! (disclaimer, marijuana products may not be free).


Every hour a new event will be held, with a cash prize of $100,000 to each winner. Events will run each hour until midnight.


The fun doesn't stop there, either. Between each event, there will be a Green Baby hidden somewhere on the map. If you can find the baby before the next event, you'll net yourself a quick, clean $50,000.


Those who stick around the entire evening may be eligible to win the New Years Knife. To win, you must guess the random number between 1 & 100. At the end of the night whoever guesses closest to the number will win a free Flip Knife for no charge at all! However, in order to win you MUST be present for the Midnight Countdown. If you aren't present when the clock strikes 12 and the winner is drawn, you will lose your place and it will go to the next closest guess. Best of luck!


The events timetable is as follows:

7PM - Bar Opens | 1st Green Baby is spawned

8PM - Tazer Rush Minigame | 2nd Green Baby is spawned

9PM - Escape Room Minigame | 3rd Green Baby is spawned

10PM - True or False Minigame | 4th Green Baby is spawned

11PM - Art Competition Minigame | Final Green Baby is spawned

12PM - Midnight Countdown + Knife Winner Announced


Further Disclaimers (To Avoid FAQ)

-If two or more people guess the winning number for the knife, the winner will be decided by a roll (highest number of 100 wins)

-The Escape Room Minigame winner will be decided by whoever PM's me the forbidden phrase (as written on the note locked in the safe) first. Until then, you'll need to work together.

-The Art Competition will be whoever can design the best statue out of random props.

-The bar (hopefully) will be classed as an OOC zone. It isn't intended to be a Roleplay area, more of a social hub to chat and drink.

-Drinking is encourage, borderline required even. This is a New Years celebration guys!

-The prize knife is a Black Laminate Flip Knife. I know, not the flashiest, but it's a free knife so you'll settle.



If you have any questions in regards to the event, feel free to ask them below. I hope to see many of you there Friday!



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Also if you would like to sponsor this event, any donations will be appreciated! I'll have a wall of top sponsors (number 1 sponsor will be Small Timmy always for the knife. Thank you again big man)

if i donated all of my skins would i take over small timmys position as #1?

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