[Wiremod Tutorial] Updated Damage Detecting Windows


You will need;
  • Two fading door props stacked back-to-back
  • Wire constant value set to a value of 1 (Input, Output)
*1 is the value of the window duration, this can be set to any length, but the Orbital minimum is 1 second
  • Wire Gate; Delay (Found under Gates > Time > Delay)
  • Damager Detector (Detection)
Below is a video demonstration; If it is hard to follow, refer to the instructions below.

Using your wire tool, connect;

Delay inputs;
  1. Clk -> Damage Detector (Clk)
  2. Delay -> Constant Value
Damage Detector inputs;
  1. On -> Constant Value
  2. Entity [ENTITY] -> Fade (Do this to ONLY the window you will be using to shoot through)
  3. Reset -> Delay (Out)
Fading Windows;
  1. Fade -> Damage (Damage Detector)
  2. Do the above step to both fading windows.
  3. If you've followed these steps correctly, test to see that you should have a fading window that opens when damaged.
>> BIG Credits to Arily Dumb Person for the amazing tutorial <<