[Wiremod Tutorial] Putting images in textscreens!


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May 12, 2021
In this tutorial I explain how to put images into wire textscreens

Step 1: Download your desired picture
Step 2: Go to https://505e06b2.github.io/Image-to-Braille/
2a: Choose file, then copy to clipboard the text
2b: UPDATE: You may need to set the "text width" option on the site to 38 or lower, so the image fits
Screenshot (1474).png
Step 3: Open notepad, now add \n to each line of the image
Screenshot (1475).png
Step 4: Done! now just copy the text inside of notepad to a wiremod constant value, then wire the textsreen to it!

(Make sure your textscreen font/text size is set to 1! )
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