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I'm not too sure how you'll do this in a moderator sense but we should maybe change the lua settings on the undercover cop where they can change their skin to benefit roleplay situation. There isn't much to this but I generally thing it's a fun little idea

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Overall, it'll enhance roleplay and make it a valuable role in the PD. It can create more enjoyable gameplay with drug/gang wars and can maybe create a whole unique role just for orbital!. I don't know if you'll need to create/pay for another add-on or maybe it's just lua fixes but lmk!!


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I've seen features for a "disguise" which was bought through the armoury, it lasted 5 minutes and had a cooldown of 10 minutes.

Definitely made role play more exciting, especially when you know your disguise is about to wear off!

I +1 this :)


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The disguise will be implemented in the new update we're planning :) We already have a working prototype!


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It has been implemented since the launch of the new server 2.0. Thank you for the suggestion!
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