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I made a mistake, and for that I have paid a price.

This is for those of you who I met along the way, those I shared exciting moments with and those I relaxed with. I fucked up. I made a pretty serious mistake and what is easily termed as a sizeable lapse in judgement. I made the mistake of getting on the server while incredibly tired and got angry with a player for failRP-ing and in my tired stupor I falsely banned said player for MRDM, from what I have been told this was far from what the logs stated and yet I cant remember so therefore I give all of you my sincerest apologies.
I cant say that it wasn't fun, because my time on iconic and orbital (albeit short-lived) have been some of my favorite memories in recent years, I met many many people along the way and made so many friends of which I couldn't be more grateful for, however, I took this for granted and made the mistake I did.

As a community you all are some of the most sincere and good-willed people I have met, you all treat each other like a big ugly family and it's great, I couldn't be more proud to see how this community has grown. I wish all of you the best in your journeys and wherever life takes you for you all deserve the best out of life and all there is to come, I may or may not be a part of that and I have only regrets that I cut things short so soon.

To all of you who I played with on a regular basis, who I staffed with, who I laughed with, who I cried with, to those who I wished to protect, to those who I helped, to those who I failed, to those who I mistreated, to those who knew me, I am sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Keenu, Glitch, Ricky, Tuppy, Terra, Pedro, Lui, Autumn, Fisckii, Froakie, Bunned, Hank, Jack, Kit, Lachie, Pharam, River, Roberto, Muck, Beli, Dallas, Bux, Haru, Balls, Candice, Frosty, Howard, Ivan, Gecko, Vincent, Mexi, Devo, Jin, Fred Yacky, TrippE, and many more, you all made a very positive influence on my life, if I didnt mention you I apologise as I write this while passing out however know that you are special and you are all wonderful people. I might return after some time, I'm not entirely sure if I will or not as I definitely need some time to sort out my mental health but I wish you all the best.

(Yes the minecraft server will stay up)

Yours sincerely, Bartholomew. (Astro)
I love you all so much.
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Love you astro, sad to see you go. Hoping to stay in touch with you, try to stay on Discord and conversate with us. You're still the same to all of us, and shit happens. I will miss you a lot, training you and guiding you was nothing but an honor for me. Thank you for being a great staff member Astro!

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Astro, we all make mistakes. I would personally like to thank you for being one of the best staff members. Honestly man its sad to see you go. You're a really good influence. But don't feel like you aren't welcome. Thank you for being here for me <3


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Sad to see you leaving this way Astro, I have enjoyed the time we had in RP and the professionalism you showed during every sit I have had with you, hope you will still come back and RP with us when you're mentally feeling better. Until then I know many of us will miss you.


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Astro I love you man, we had some fun, and It's so sad to see you go.
I hope you live your life to the fullest, wherever it may take you. Good luck with your career, and your brownies. If you ever want to message me for anything, feel free, and I will listen.
Live a good life, and get on the server every now and again to say hello if you get the chance.
Gonna miss you <3


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Awwww man well all make mistakes big or small sad to see you go :( We had so many good convo's and you teaching me rules and how to handle situations. I hope you the best and wish to see you in the future <3
All jokes aside, I didn't know Astro well but all my RP interactions with him have always been fun and enjoyable.
Wish you all the best for your future and stay COVID safe!


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