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Aug 7, 2021
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My Staff Application.

Basic Information:

Discord Tag: ProfesserAyman™#1444

Steam Profile Link:

Age: 14

Topic Questions:

What is your motivation to join the Moderation team?:
I used to play on the Imperial RP when it was up and I enjoyed my time immensely. I wanna do my part to revive the server and experience the joy that I once had playing on the Imperial. I really enjoyed contributing my part in leadership and training cadets as it really boosted my self esteem and confidence. Not only that but RP was really enjoyable.

Have you had a staff position on other servers? If so, please state server name, game mode and position:
Well I have to say that I have had many staff positions on multiple smaller servers in my past ranging from Staff Manager to Moderator. Examples: Zox Servers (Dark RP, Staff Trainer, it shutdown recently).
Scourged Servers (HL2RP, Senior Administrator/Staff Manager, it shutdown recently).

How do you balance staffing and roleplaying?:
I would make it where I %50 Staff and %50 roleplaying to make it fun for my RP and good for the server. But if the server needs me to
staff more I would gladly oblige. But if there is an event I would like to play it to add a better immersion to the event but If I am needed I will help with all the power I can bring.

How many hours do you estimate you can put in per week?:
I will be on at all the imperative times and now that its the holidays I can put in much extra.
Like 4pm to 10pm+. Maybe 35+ a week and it depends on the holidays and external events.

What is your definition of SeriousRP?:
SeriousRP is like an RP to the next level, you are the embodiment of your character. You shall respond to situations and environments as your character would do. Our OOC chats should be restricted to certain areas and times to boost the immersion and RP of the server.

How do you moderate in a SeriousRP environment?:
Enforcing RP rules is a big essential when it comes to SeriousRP. If someone is trolling or minging I will not tolerate that behaviour and take action immediately. People who break the rules are too be warned and reprimanded as it breaks RP and immersion for everyone around them that has joined to have a good time.

Player A has just killed Player B, Player A claims it was motivated in roleplay by their character being on a hard drug, Player B claims it was Random Deathmatch and is angry with the situation. How do you reach a desirable outcome for both parties?:

Player A stated that they were on hard drugs, Player B says it was an RDM. Well first of all Player A should not have killed Player B as that is not a valid reason to go around killing people so therefore I would give him a warn and tell him to read up on the rules. But if he is a new player I would give him a verbal warning and make him read the rules whilst jailed. After all that I will bring Player B to RP again and if Player A does this again, he will receive a warn an a appropriate ban time if he isn't new. If Player A is new, more warnings till a ban.

Other members of the staff team have started a separate group chat where they are planning on leaking server documents and giving them to other communities. What is your course of action?:
As this is a serious breach of the servers privacy I will instantly contact the owners of the server or high ranking staff. If I can stop them myself, by screenshotting or banning them. Other then that I can't do anything else and I hope my course of action helps and I can be trained further.


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Aug 5, 2021
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Hi Ayman
I would like to start off this response by stating the formatting and detail in this application is extremely nice. I can see you have put real effort into answering the questions. Let's start with my experiences with you so far, you were very active on the server known for quickly training new cadets during the start of the events. You were an extremely capable member of the Storm Trooper Corp and even showed leadership qualities during the lifetime of the server.

As you state in your app you have had many staffing places in the past. I have seen you be a capable member of the small server Zox. I reckon you could show the same abilities on oribital. The only thing that has been lacking recently is discord activity which isn't a deal-breaker.


Good luck with the app


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Jul 29, 2021
Hello Ayman

I'd like to comment on how well-formatted and detailed your application is. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it, and most of my interactions with you on the dark rp server were fantastic. I've seen you on the discord server a few times but not much on the forums, and I can't say much about you being active on the star wars rp server because it isn't up yet.

Additionally, prior staffing experience is beneficial when it comes to staffing on a Garry's Mod server, as is learning how to cope with difficult situations while working as a gmod staff member on this server.

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Jun 28, 2021
well the other two have already said it and with my experiences with you, you can be real fun to hang around and it sounds like you would take this role seriously so here.