DENIED spog's ban appeal

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Nov 12, 2022
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:634955347

In-game name: spog

Time and date of ban: 8:12 PM AEDT, 12/11/2022

Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Ruby Bartosh

Further details: We were getting raided and I was on the roof looking around for the raiders, I hear them inside and then look at the entrance to the roof, someone runs out and starts shooting me he hits me a few times and then I jump off and run 2-3 houses away. I took a break and then walked back with my gun in hand I see them picking the entrance again so I open fire and they spread out, I check my surroundings and then enter my base and look around to find no-one I go to the roof again I look down to see them but I do not open fire I see my friend at the end of the street and talk to him I turn around and see 2-3 people run and gun at me THEN I died

Any evidence you can provide: I did not commit NLR and I do have video evidence, but to my dismay according to the forums, the forums cannot handle such a large file. I would be happy to show it if there was another way

Have you become familiar with the rules?: I have become much more knowledgeable about the rules of the server throughout my time playing on it with my friends and I would not break this rule I am accused of breaking
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Ruby Bartosh

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Sep 8, 2022
Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia
Hello spog So after looking at deep storage logs it shows me that combat started between you and fetus milkshake then you ran away as you said then 2 minutes later its shows that you return where another combat logs had begun where you died honestly l believe that l am missing some information but unfortunately the picture supplied is all the evidence that l am able to show since of deep storage logs l believe l am not able to retrieve some information that l am not able to supply, if the warn that you have received is wrong l am terribly sorry but at the time logs did show you starting combat after you died with fetus milkshake Garrysmod Screenshot 2022.11.13 - (2).png


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Jan 31, 2022

To start off with the evidence, if you have evidence it is suggested you upload said evidence to a known domain so the individual reviewing your appeal can see your side of the story. I would suggest using streamable or youtube to upload your evidence.

Moving on, on the same day before you were issued this punishment by the staff member, hours earlier you were issued a warning for the exact same reason you were banned. Giving me the thought that you may need to improve your knowledge of the NLR part of the rules.

The evidence the staff member provided shows the raider in question instigating combat against you and then you dying. After that, he instigated combat with you again which could've only happened if you returned to the general area of the raid. You then proceed to respawn and that's when the ticket is made.

Your ban has expired, however, your warning will remain.
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