Some changes for the current server


Aug 10, 2021
Hi all!, so after playing the server for a solid 8+ hours I can see the potential for something great! I'd like to share some suggestions Ive compiled in order to further strengthen the servers potential!

"2. PVP is not allowed unless both parties clearly consent to it."
I Suggest after a 2 weeks, this rule is removed. The server can introduce player made safe zones which I will go into further below (Look for the * 1 ) my justification for this is that it will encourage a more dangerous and "Survival" Environment. Furthermore as I will explain in the Additions, section players will be encouraged to team together to brave the world.

"3. Stealing from others is not allowed, this includes from their death locations, storages and any claimed resource/item.
4. You must not build on or near another person's build.
13. Do not enter another person's base or land unless permission is granted.
19. No trespassing/entering people's bases without their consent."

I believe these 4 rules should be removed as these are all situations in which promote player interaction (The main goal of a Multiplayer server) The more staff are involved the less the server feels like Minecraft. In reference to rules 13 and 19, they are essentially the same rule, I also have a suggestion Additions which will reference player land rights. (Look for *2)

Furthermore, stealing from a player's death location should not be a punishable offence as it the players own mistake that they died and should not penalise others for capitalising on their mistake.

Remove the "/back" command: the "/back" command is cancerous to a strong economy. For it completely demeans the value of all items and makes the Totem of Undying (arguably one of the most valuable vanilla items) useless. "/home" is more then enough and promotes the casual SMP the root have advertised. "/Back" devalues the hard work of players who want to build shops, sell gear and to those who spend countless hours making armoury's filled with an assortment of weapons, armour and potions. It does this by allowing the player to simply return to their point of death, without challenge and retrieve all their gear and most of their exp.


*1: Following inspiration from the plug-in "Towny" Players can choose to claim a small plot of land perhaps by using a custom block or through commands. As that players "Town" grows in members there territory grows to match it. Leaders of a "Town/Clan/Faction etc" can create a hierarchy, have fiefdoms, and allies.
Town Leaders can also go to war with other leaders in which after both consenting will be able to destroy each others builds and kill each other Onsight (Outside of server safe zones).

Towny Leaders can additionally decide the restrictions imposed on players who enter their land (a message will show in chat when someone enters a territory, i/e: You have entered "The Rice" Territory), restrictions could be if the guest can open doors, build, mine etc. They can also decide if PVP or PVE is enabled in their town. (If PVE is enabled the Town and its members cannot declare war on other Towns.

Finally, introduce a currency either in the form of digitalisation. The reason I say digital currency instead of a physical item is due to the fact that it cannot be duped/exploited.

How does this benefit the server: The vast majority of the server population is already forming little groups in which they base together and rivalries are already beginning. Adding these features (Or an appropriate plug-in(s), will only capitalise on this and strengthen the player base.
Regardless of the fact that it is a temporary server while the full server is being built, this will allow MC management a glimpse into what the community enjoys. Furthermore the majority of the community has come from Darkrp, and am sure would all enjoy some way of formulating clans, starting wars and indulging in an economy and diplomacy. Key aspects of Darkrp.

For those who downvote I implore you to seriously consider the long term impacts of the current state of the server. This is coming from the perspective of someone whom ran a successful MC SMP for a little over 2 years featuring a diverse player base of 20-25. I Did this on PlayStation with my own community in which me and my partner created our own in game equivalents of plug-ins. Through trial and error we created a community which sustained itself and required very little intervention from OOC sources (Staff, Bans, kicks etc).

Links: N/A, I can find suitable plug-ins and links if the Management decide its worth looking into!

Jack Stone

Minecraft Community Manager
Jun 2, 2021
rules fine cope + L
/back only works on teleports now (not death)

Dallas Steel

Staff Member
Jul 12, 2021
🤓. Bro shut up imagine not owning Lego Starwars: The Skywalker Saga