Potentially adding Coke Manufacturer in (back?)

Mr Osama

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Aug 1, 2022
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This is definitely something that has been brought up before, but all I know honestly is that it was very buggy and that the stoves would just not work entirely, however, if it is possible it would be really nice to see this in Orbital, when I used to play SUP it was one of the more engaging money makers and a really nice change from Meth and Weed.

I know we have Moonshine but I just loved how you'd be constantly doing things with Coke and the strategy that came with it as placement was integral to making the most money, having everyone trying to optimize the best placements to make more money was really fun and it could also tie in with the Mob Boss as some servers have done in the past, giving more of a reason to play these roles.

How do you think this will benefit the server?: Definitely add more variety to the drug jobs, as I'd argue its quite unique compared to the others but that might just be me, having more drug jobs makes police a lot more fun as well as raiding drug stores as police when its illegal has always been something I've enjoyed.

I've probably explained this very badly but I'm curious to see your guys' thoughts.

- Osama
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