PD raidable with officers online?


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Currently, you can raid the PD without any police online - this means you can picklock the armoury.
Doing this allows you to receive as many weapons and ammo as you'd like, without any risk.
I think this should be set-up the same way the bank is, with a certain number of police online before raiding.

Even if this is set as 1, as PD officers can break NLR during a PD raid.

How do you think this will benefit the server?:

BMD and Gun dealers would have a purpose during quieter server times.​

Darth Picwahser

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I would love to see this in place, people can easily raid the armoury when there are no police online and get free guns. Same thing with the mayor, when there are no police online no one goes as mayor because otherwise, it's immediate death.