IMPLEMENTED PD - Metal detectors

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If this does go through it should only be accessed by members of the PD that are Senior Constable+, that way people do not abuse it and there should be a limit of 2 per officer that is over the required rank. I reckon we should just test it for a week or so once the update comes out.

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It can give members of the PD something to do, make the PD safer from non stop assassinations and future raids. This will also help enforce the illegal 2h law as it is usually pretty difficult to maintain as there has been times where I will be playing mayor and seeing people run around with 2h out even though it is illegal. This will help RP wise as well, that way people don't just run around with a gun then kills someone.

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I remember using these to create checkpoints around the map back when Supremacy was around. These really do help eliminate the chance of an assassination on the mayor and allow police to keep 2h guns away from the public when they are illegal.
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