Orbital Garage

Adam Lui

Oct 14, 2021
So, recently I've been posting little messages in the discord channel #Media about my mechanic game that I play, its VR and its fun as all hell, so, I thought as another way to gain some traction for it and anyone interested, I'm going to start posting the updates for the car on a little post thread I'm going to call, "Orbital Garage".

If you're keen for a casual conversation whilst I build it, I'll usually post a little message in the #Media channel on the discord letting people know when I'm about to start, if you are interested in just coming to chill and talk and watch, let me know and I can add you to the Ping list!

Thought it'd be a nice way to promote some interest in people that like working with extreme detail and mechanics, so, heres the first post! Enjoy!

Orbital Garage 0.3 Updates


-275 Width street tires with new rims to suit, Matte black painted.
-New air intake
-New Valve cover

-Plug Wires (they were getting past faulty and caused idle issues)
-Intake hose (was old and broken down)
-New air filter (for the turbo to freshen it up)

-Turbo issue fixed (was missing a hose clamp on the exhaust that allowed it to leak exhaust into the engine)

New Issues
-Having issues gaining more Horsepower out of the engine, with the turbo installed it's still only capping at 233 HP @ 750KG)


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