OFFICIAL Official Release Of Our TX-427 & General Announcements


Apr 4, 2022
Thank Herp & Developers, we have officially manufactured our own experimental class fighter tank. This is available on the workshop for you to test and enjoy. If you find bugs, please inform us ASAP!

WorkShop Link:


We recently had a Q&A in which we received some really good questions to help us build a server around your liking. I will post some of these questions here to help answer some inquiries you might have, otherwise don't be shy and message me on discord - Brono#4573.

1. How many Jedi will there be? When will there be Jedi? - Jedi will be heavily limited, however, from the launch of the server, Jedi won't be implemented straight away. Our goal is to organize the army/navy side of everything before adding Jedi. What I can say though, is Jedi will be application-based.

2. Who will be in charge? Organize Events. In-RP at Debrief. - Navy will be the majority of the organization, it will be preferred that they manage Debrief and commander briefing, however, commanders will be briefing their own men after commander briefing.

3. What Regiments will be available at launch? - Ideally, we will have 3 base regiments and 2 open ones that COs can decide on themselves. This doesn't mean we can't have more, but what we can guarantee at launch.

4. When will there be applications for Commanders? - We would like commanders to be set up and prepared well prior to launch, so probably 2-3 weeks prior to launch applications will be open, so keep an eye out for announcements!

5. Will there be ARC? - Regiments will have classes, specialized units such as commandos won't be implemented off the bat, but something discuss in the future.

6. Who Pilots Ships - Regiments will have classes, one of the standard classes for each regiment will be pilot. The Navy will be the ones to hand out licenses. Once you have acquired a license, you may be set to the class.

7. Server ETA - We are confident to announce that we should have the server prepared well before June sometime in late May. (Around the 20th)

8. Who will manage commanders - Commanders will be managed externally until someone acquires the rank of Admiral/Marshal Commander/Jedi Council. No one will be ever placed in these positions. Everyone has the possibility to climb to those ranks and take on the responsibility. This way, the command will be respected. As they have worked like any other trooper.

9. What map are we using - Custom modified annexes. (Base Map, possible map rotations)

10. Are we going to event server - Yes, events will be set up well prior to it starting, and commanders will also be given set objectives which should be made easy for ground command and the Navy. (edited)