OFFICIAL November building comp


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Sep 4, 2021
Hello everyone,

I will get straight to it, casino will be the building theme for this months event.

How to enter:

1. you have from today (14th) to the 22nd to submit your entry’s
2. You will be required to upload a video of your build to YouTube and personally message me on the forums the link to your build
3. On the 22nd I’ll upload all the builds with ways to vote on which one you like the most

4. Voting will end on the 30th of November

1st prize: 5000 credits
2nd prize: 3000 credits
3rd prize: 1000 credits

> Must be made on server
> Can showcase on different map if you wish
> No stealing dupes (you will be eliminated from the comp and also wont be able to enter again)

Note: your build doesn’t have to require wire mod or any working machines but it does help with winning. However if you prefer to just make it look pretty then go ahead.

Good luck to everyone and Agree react to this post if you believe I should have an event hosting role for orbital servers, just a thought.
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Ariankha Ghandi

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Nov 16, 2021
What kinda constraints are there on building? Is there a prop limit? Does it have to be made on the server?