SALE Multiple Base Dupes For Sale


Dec 27, 2021
The Gambling Machine!

Now i will teach you how to set this up properly or fix it if you have any problems with this! I have recently fixed this machine due to me building it on supremacy.

$100k ONO < Or nearest offer)

The Beach Castle!

As you can tell in my voice I'm very happy about this large castle (mainly for groups and gangsters) this could be used for whatever you put your imagination to! If those who seek vengeance on your group you can use this base to fend them off!

($90K ONO < Or Nearest Offer)

The Small Yet Compact Awesome base!

This awesome yet compact easily defendable base can outdo your raiders! It's insanely easy to defend those who try to raid you, This base is used for a Solo/Duo with Printers for those who don't want a huge base and just want a easy defendable base that u can use! So here it is

($70K ONO < Or Nearest Offer)

The Gang House!

This Base is used for weed or many other things this base comes with so many angles the raider can't keep up with you! Insanely easy to defend so many angles you can peak from to kill the raiders which is awesome!

($80K ONO < Or Nearest Offer)

The Drug Warehouse!

This Warehouse base is awesome for Weed/Moonshine since the selling venders are right across from the base! Also could be used for anything have great defences can easily kill the raiders with this base defence system which is amazing but the best part is the printer rack! You can fit 25 Printers in this rack! WOW amazing right? i know!

$90K ONO < Or Nearest Offer)

The Almighty Pig Base!

Now this is the dopiest yet most coolest base i have ever made! you can store printers in the head of the pig and defend this base with ezz plus who wants to raid a fucking pig? NO ONE! If you would love this base buy it today!

70K ONO < Or Nearest Offer)

Extra Information!
1. No Reselling of any of my dupes! If caught selling my dupes i'll report you no matter what!

Building Requests!
If you would like for me to build you anything by all means pm me in game (Arcane) or on discord! (Arcanee#0001)


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Jan 17, 2022
I would like to buy the Drug Warehouse and the Small Yet Compact Base, DM me on Discord at Moop1324#2422


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Sep 4, 2021
Really love your work here Arcane. You're a good builder and its good to see you getting some dupes out there. +1 for your efforts.