[Job Information] Mexi's In Depth guide to Weed Growing.


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Jun 2, 2021
This is Mexi's Weed Guide. There is a TLDR at the bottom if you so wish to skip all the bullshit and look at what I complain about.

Ok, We'll start off simply, With picking the correct seed.
There are 7 different types of seeds, Listed as OG Kush $200 | Bubba Kush $300 | Sour Diesel $500 | King Ak-47 $600 | Super Lemon Haze $750 | Strawberry Cough $900 and Dark Devil $1200 | (Prices as of upload date)
The cheaper the seed, the faster it grows but the less it yields in profit.


All the plants at full maturity from cheapest OG Kush Left, to Dark Devil Right.
The setup of Growing is simple, Place down a set of pots that can be covered by a lamp, Led or Sodium. (Sodium lamps require fans while LED do not.) Then connect a Water tank to the first pot, then connect all the pots together in a line. After, Place a generator down and connect it to your lamp of choice and Fan if you are using Sodium Lamp. Simply place soil in each pot and place a seed in each planter. an example below.

The next step is to keep up with 3 major factors, Water, Fuel and Insects. Water and fuel are simple enough to track, water can be refilled at a press of a button and you need to buy a fuel can to top up the fuel to a max of 200L. The insects are a tricky mechanic where whenever flies are buzzing around your plant you need to press E to heal them. If you make your crops invisible its easier to see where flies are and which plants need healing. If you keep up this process you will reach step 3.
Step 3: Keeping your plants around yields a higher amount, Plants can grow up to a max of 800g so don't harvest them just because they allow you too. Just keep up with step 2 and wait til they hit 800g.

After they hit 800grams you can harvest them which will turn them into little samples, Simply place these on the drying rack til they are dry and you can see the letter E on them.

After drying the Plants turn into Jars which have many uses, you can refill bongs, roll them into joints using the doobie table or put jars into brownies and cupcakes. To actually make a profit you will place these jars onto a packing table and pack it into a block, placing these blocks onto a pallet is an easy way to transport your blocks of weed.

Now you have the basics, its time to go into some more complex stuff. if you only care about making max profit for little reward use dark devil or strawberry cough, strawberry cough is only slightly less profitable but takes wayyy less time to make.

Heres a list of 1 fully grown, 800g plant produces to see each price per block
Og Kush: $704 a Block
Bubba Kush: $1476
Sour Diesel: $2239
King Ak-47: $3055
Sour Lemon Haze: $4039
Strawberry Cough: $5051
Dark Devil $6228
Now these numbers may change but its random.

if you plant 10 of 1 of these plants, they all yield 1 block per plant meaning a pallet of 10 adds to
Og Kush: $7040 for 1 Pallet of 10
Bubba Kush: $14760
Sour Diesel: $22390
King Ak: $30550
Sour Lemon: $40390
Strawberry Cough: $50510
Dark Devil: $62280

Now when it comes to the new Fertilizers... They literally do nothing.
The only ability that works is the "No insects" Which ruins the point. If you fully grow a plant of Dark Devil ($6228) To place a $10000 fertilizer you lose -$3782 per plant. The "Increase productivity or speed" DO NOT WORK.
I tested every variation of fertilizer and here's Pedro's Mix vs Stock standard Dark Devil.
Plants Side By Side.jpg
And Regular Dark Devil.Plants Side By Side.jpg

There is No difference, I Referenced earlier that weed blocks can vary in price depending on random factors and that's why the Pedro one is $100 more. Please do not waste your money on Fertilizer, I lost a solid $100k on testing and I hope that you read this before you test yourself.

In the case of Seed Splitting, Its not worth your time or effort to create "better seeds" you can either make Speed weed or Expensive AF weed, But it will take hours of your time only for a marginally better seed, And if you mess up at any point, miss water, fuel or bugs On one of your good plants, All that time wasted. Believe me I went through this process and it nearly broke me, I did not make a profit due to how much wastage there is by using so much water and fuel.
And even after you make "the perfect seed" You can only grow it 5 times before you have to use two of your plants to try to make the same seed. AND SOMETIMES IT DOESNT LET YOU GET PERFECT STATS. ITS RANDOM, sometimes you can knock 1 second off your plants growth or increase it by 10 fold and then you have to start again.

TLDR For the Average player, Just grow Dark devil and don't mess around with other seeds.
TLDR For Rickey, Glitch or Keenu. Fix Seed lab, and actually make fertilizers work? Thanks for reading.