ACCEPTED Ivan's staff application

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Ivan Milat

Staff Member
Jun 15, 2021
Steam Community Link:



Discord User#:
Ivan Milat#0114


Country/Time Zone:

Do you have a working Microphone?:
Yes I have a working microphone.

What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):
My game time is 2 weeks and 1 day + another 3 weeks on iconic if that means anything here.

How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):

I do not have any warnings on this server.

How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):

There is zero see above.

Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):
I do not have any staffing experience on Garry's mod but I have staffed on various small discord servers run by my friends with about 30-40 members.

Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:

I believe
I deserve a staffing position for numerous reasons these include my dedication to helping the server and my in depth knowledge of the rules.

To become a staff member you are dedicating your self to the server you are staffing on for a prolonged period of time. I have shown that I can dedicate myself to this server for a prolonged period of time as I have been around and actively playing since orbital and iconic merged. This is evident in my two weeks of playtime on the server. I have also shown myself helping around the server in the training of probationals in the police department.

Another important quality for staff members to have is to have an in depth knowledge on the rules so they know if someone has broken them and how to punish them for it. I have demonstrated my extensive knowledge on the server rules as a have not a single warn over 2 weeks playtime and I can often be seen answering peoples questions on the rules whether that being in ooc or in the discord. This is also shown as I have already received the position of trusted on the server.

Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):
I have been
involved in many teams previously in specific I have been playing rugby for the past 8 years which is a very intense team sport involving lots of team work and communication on and off the field. I also work at a local hardware which requires communication with a team that is somewhat older than me showing my maturity in being able to stay afloat in a situation like that.

What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:
Being on the staff team is a very important role and I am sure that I posses the qualities to fit in and work well as apart of the staff team. Some of these qualities include I am dependable as in when you ask for something to be done I will do it, I try to be a kind and considerate person looking at both sides of a story within an admin sit and I always strive to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:
Yes I agree to not misuse powers given to me.

Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:
I agree that my powers will be stripped if misused.

Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:
I agree to follow staff expectations once given.

Medic Samantha

New member
Jul 24, 2021
Hey Ivan,

Just want to start this by giving a big +1 to this application, I regularly see you active not only in game in OOC but in the discord and within the forums, you have proven in my eyes that you deserve to at least have a shot at staff.

While in game you have shown that you are familiar with the rules, and the fact you have no warns is truly positively noted, in the game I have seen you actively RP'ing with those around you and helping out people here and there if needed.

I truly wish you the best of luck in your application!! Keep doing what your doing because you truly have been showing you have what it takes!

🖖 Medic Samantha!


Senior Forum Virgin
Staff Member
Jun 1, 2021
your mums basement
Hey my dude,

I knew this application would come sooner or later!

You've been apart of this community for awhile now, dating back to iconic too!
You're honestly a great, knowledgeable member with copious amounts of experience. I often see you sharing this experience with newer players.

You already have a Trusted rank and have held it for a long time now, proving to myself and others that you can in fact be trusted.

Forum and discord activity has been beyond fantastic, you haven't dropped off or disappeared, you've always just been there.

Honestly, this is the biggest
+1 I've ever given out.
Id love to have you on the team as I believe you're an asset to this community!

Good luck with your application, Ivan!

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Frothyz4Dayz (Joe Pesci)

King of bad chat
Staff Member
Jul 8, 2021
Hey Ivan

I’m going to start off by saying I’m shocked. Literally, I just thought you had no interest in becoming a staff member due being such a long-term member of this community and in my memory, never putting forward an application. However, I could not endorse you enough.

You are for certain one of the best-known if not the best player on the server. Due to your ability to help, chat, and just being an overall good bloke to be around in game and OOC. Your extremely approachable and talk to everyone like a close mate.

You have an outstanding knowledge of rules and guidelines. Keeping up with changes and modifications to rules aswell as keeping note of other ones. You are never in the wrong and your lack of warns shows this well.

In all honesty I could not endorse you enough. You check all the boxes then check them again, even three times.

I sincerely wish you the best for your application as you 100% derserve it in my opinion.

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Senior Moderator
Staff Member
Jul 29, 2021
Hello, Ivan.

Just wanted to say that your app has a lot of detail, which is fantastic, and it is properly formatted. I see you a lot on the server, discord, and forums, which is great.
Your playtime is fantastic, and the fact that you have 0 warns is incredible. I notice you frequently in OOC, assisting others.
You are really easy to talk to, and that you have no warnings, indicating that you have great knowledge of the rules. I believe you should be considered for a position on staff, and I will +1 your app

best of luck with your app
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Staff Member
Jun 3, 2021
Major +1
Ivan has been one of the most loyal and active members ever since launch of IconicRP and had maintained a solid activity ever since. In terms of the activity outside of the server, It is highly evident that he is always on the Discord server conversating with members of the community as well as maintaining a decent activity on the forums. The application is very well made and packs in detail. It shows that you had put effort into it and care about receiving the rank. Regarding staff material, It is no joke that you are one of the most helpful members of the community, from distributing useful and roleplay contributing dupes to helping players in OOC chat or face to face. Not to mention the fact you literally have 0 warning for your impeccable amount of playtime. Moreover, you are very friendly and kind to all members of the community and I have never ever seen you lose your cool which is one of the important things in staffing. I believe you could make a great staff member and I wish you the very best, Ivan!!!
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Jack Stone

PD-High Command
Staff Member
Jun 2, 2021
The crooked house down the road
Ultra Mega Super +1
Ivan, wow, I didn't really expect you to apply for staff, but obviously I'm going to have to give a +1. Since the time I started playing back on Iconic, you've always been there helping everyone and having a great time with everyone in the community. You are always super kind, friendly, helpful and supportive of every one in the community and very mature when need be. You have been active nearly every day and always have impressed me with your knowledge of not only the server rules, but of Garry's Mod itself. You have expressed yourself extremely well when with others, including staff and In Sits, always staying calm and respectful. You are extremely fun and I know for certain everyone enjoys hanging around with you, whenever the time be and whatever the scenario be in. You are certainly well-suited for a role like this and I trust that you would work for it with dedication and perform excellently. Without a doubt, I would happily and gladly welcome you to the Staff team. I wish you a great day and the truly the best with this application.
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Aug 16, 2021
im giving a +1 but theres not much to say because everyone has said about everything. But im gonna say your a very nice person, i see you on everyday rping with people. I have seen you helping new players in ooc and just talking in general. i really hope you get accepted because your very nice. you are very mature aswell
Good luck in you app

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I Fucking Represent Cunt
Jun 7, 2021
I believe Ivan has been a part of the community for a long time and has a very good understanding of the rules of the server and I also see when someone asks in OOC needing some help Ivan will try his best to give them the answer/help them out, plus is always on the discord. Good luck.

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Combat wombat

Staff Member
Jul 13, 2021
Hey Ivan, how are you mate?

I see you on the server and on the discord A LOT, you're a super friendly guy around the community and always see you around the discord. You have two weeks playtime with zero warning which is impressive and shows to me that you're familiar with the rules. It's going to be a +1 from me as I think you deserve a shot on the staff team, I hope to see your continued positive attitude around the server.

Best of luck with your application, I look forward to seeing the progression of your application.
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Ricky is an alien.
Aug 8, 2021
Hello Ivan,

Honestly you're by far one of the most active, funny, fun to roleplay with and just a good person overall. Therefore I'm going to give you a Ultra Mega Super +1. Like there are many people who i think should wait to be trusted but i just know you need to be at that position.

Good luck on your Application my g.

Bob King

Cookie Clicker slave
Aug 13, 2021
Sigma Grindset
+1 I've spent a lot of my roleplay time with you, so this may be a bit biased.

He's one of the few VERY invested people in the server and community. He doesn't interact too too much on the forums, but nor do I since it's dead half the time. I see him on the discord voice chat daily and interact in the text chat.

In my opinion, he's staff material. On another note, I'd turn gay for Ivan Milat.


Weird Baby Thing
Aug 5, 2021
I have never had a bad experience with you. Every time we play it is truly a blast. You are easy to talk to, have natural leadership skills, and are fun to play with. You have a great playtime with no warns which is great. I hope you get this role you truly deserve it.



Aug 7, 2021
Nothing else to say your a good player, you've been here for awhile and your good at making things like bases or casinos. You overall fun and good to play with.
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Senior Moderator
Staff Member
Jun 2, 2021
super active player
really chill dude and great in PD

it would be sick to see you as a staff member Ivan
Good Luck
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