OFFICIAL Imperial Roleplay Rules

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Walter White
Jul 24, 2021
1.0 - General

1.1 - Always listen to staff directions. If you feel something turned out badly, feel free to submit an appeal in the discord.

1.2 - If a rule break occurs, continue roleplaying, and make a ticket to staff either in the discord or in-game using the ‘@’ command.

1.3 - Absolutely no cheating/hacking/exploiting. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban. Additionally, receiving or participating in the above activities in any way, and/or not reporting it to staff, will result in a ban.

1.3.1 - The use of third-party software (macros, auto clickers, AutoHotkeys, etc) to gain an advantage is not allowed.

1.4 - Real-world trading (using real-world currency or goods to buy or sell in-game items or services from other players) is prohibited.

1.5 - Transferring assets (money, items, vehicles, etc) between your characters is strictly forbidden. If a middleman is used, they may also be punished.

1.6 - Characters need to be realistic, well thought out, and have inoffensive, realistic names.

1.7 - OOC chat is not to be used to report staff issues.

1.8 - Failure to read server rules does not make anyone exempt from them.

1.9 - Micspamming, for example, playing music through microphone, loud sounds, etc (Up to staff discretion) is prohibited, and if repeated after initial punishment, may result in a ban.

1.10 - Unrealistic movement for your character, for example; bunny-hopping, will result in staff asking you to stop. Failure to comply will result in further punishment up to staff discretion.

1.11 - Being intentionally annoying, disruptive, painful or trolling (Minging) will result in punishment.

2.0 - Robberies

2.1 - Negotiations between parties may occur in robberies, which can result in a better outcome depending on how it is roleplayed.

2.2 - Robberies of any kind are not kill-on-site, and roleplay between parties must properly occur before any hostilities.

2.3 - Creativity is strongly encouraged, and Imperial personnel are expected to be more lenient if criminals provide good roleplay/creativity.

2.4 - If players engage in multiple robberies in a day, staff may ask them to stop.

2.4.1 - If players rob multiple players in a short amount of time, staff may ask them to stop, and if there has been very little roleplay behind these robberies, they may face punishment.

3.0 - Random Deathmatch (RDM)

3.1 - Randomly attacking player(s) without prior roleplay reasoning and a verbal declaration is forbidden.

3.2 - Using a vehicle to attack players without prior initiation (VDM) is forbidden.

4.0 - Hostile Roleplay

4.1 - You may only initiate in hostile roleplay with sufficient previous roleplay and a realistic reason.

4.2 - You must declare hostile intentions to allow players to react in time.

4.3 - Actions have consequences and this should be considered when thinking about hostile roleplay.

4.4 - You may not kidnap or rob any players or Imperial personnel unless there are sufficient Imperial personnel to respond.

5.0 - New Life Rule (NLR)

5.1 - If your character is incapacitated and you respawn, you lose all memory of the related events.

5.2 - You can not return to the scenario that caused you to respawn.

6.0 - FailRP

6.1 - Actions that are unrealistic for your character/the world they live in can result in punishment.

6.2 - Your character should value their own life at all times. When your character’s life is threatened you should comply to preserve that life above all else.

6.3 - Baiting Imperial personnel/gangs into hostile roleplay is not allowed.

6.4 - Using videos or pictures in roleplay without visually using a camera is not allowed.

6.5 - Abusing in-game scripts/addons/etc to do unrealistic actions/better a player’s character in any manner may result in punishment.

6.6 - Breaking/leaving character may result in punishment depending on the situation (Breaking character during RP, such as in events, briefings or any similar scenarios).

6.7 - Exploiting/Utilising the Sit Anywhere Script (Or other similar scripts) to break an in-game mechanic is punishable. For example, sitting down to avoid damage, clip through walls or sit on another player.

7.0 - Powergaming

7.1 - Forcing a narrative or preventing players from influencing the outcome of a roleplay scenario is not allowed.

7.2 - Not engaging in the roleplay of a job/activity and finding the most effective/efficient way to make money from it is not allowed.

7.3 - Not engaging in roleplay to achieve a more favourable outcome for your character is not allowed.

7.4 - Extending the capabilities of your character beyond what is capable of them is not allowed. For example, having a broken hand and firing your blaster.

8.0 - Metagaming

8.1 - Using or relaying information in roleplay that your character would not know is strictly forbidden.

8.2 - All communication must be done in-game. Information through discord is considered OOC unless clearly otherwise (business announcements, advertisements, applications, etc).

8.3 - Your characters do not know each other. Sharing information is not allowed.

9.0 - Roleplay

9.1 - Stay in character at all times.

9.1.1 - The only exception to this is during staff sits.

9.2 - Highly explicit/detailed and/or public sexual roleplay is not permitted. Any non-consensual sexual roleplay will result in a community ban.

9.3 - Suicide roleplay will result in a perma-death and an asset wipe for that character.

9.4 - Leaving the server during roleplay/punishment without a valid reason will result in punishment.

9.5 - If a character is found guilty of terrorism, undermining the Empire or equally heinous roleplay crime, they will be executed in a perma-death with a complete character wipe.
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