Imperial Roleplay - Event Team Application Template

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Walter White
Jul 24, 2021
Event Team Application
The Event Team is responsible for managing, running and watching over events. This includes hosting events personally, helping other event staff, and helping small, player-ran events go smoothly. If you have other officer or staff positions on any server, you will be automatically denied from the event team.

Basic Information

Discord Tag (E.G: Gebhardt#9679):

Steam Profile Link:


Topic Questions

What is your motivation to join the Event team?:

Have you had event/game master positions on other servers? If so, please state server name and gamemode:

How do you balance running events and roleplaying?:

How many hours do you estimate you can put in per week?:

What do you think makes an event good?:

How do you run an event that suits as many people as possible?:

How will you incorporate proper roleplay and character development into your events?:


There are a large number of players on the server begging for an event, but you will not be able to run an event large enough for all of them on your own. What will you do? What will you do if no-one is able to assist you?

An event master’s game crashed, and you are the only other event master online. Although you are a section commander in a small squad, should you take over the event until the previous event master returns? Why?

A small group of friends has joined the server during your event with the intent to mingle and try and ruin other players’ fun. They are horsing around and not properly roleplaying. What do you do?
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