DENIED Ilian's Trusted Application

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Ilian Navone

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Sep 11, 2021
Steam Community Link:

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:6048451

Your in-game name: Ilian Navone

What is your gametime?:1631353742371.png

How many warnings do you have?:1631353688204.png

How many Soft bans/Blacklists do you have? : I have not received any soft bans as of now, I believe they would be displayed in the warns table

Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

I would love to get involved with the community more and help other players RP without hampering or limiting their gameplay so they can have a greater experience in Orbital. I believe trusted would give me more tools to help new users to Gmod or DarkRP to ensure that they have an positive experience with the server without having any issues with rules. Trusted would allow me to guide people and help them with some processes that specific jobs have to allow them to have a generally better time on DarkRP. I wouldn't say that I've tutored people about the up's and down's of DarkRP but I believe I helped quite a bit of people on my time on Orbital.

Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?

Wiremod would be a big change for me personally. I've used Wiremod quite a bit in previous servers and gaining access to such a amazing tool could allow me to create more positive RP scenarios easier. Another bonus would be that players would know to trust me for help if they need any advice on an action or role play scenario they would get themselves into. My main goal is to improve rp for players and as a trusted It could improve the experience of helping other players to ensure that the time they have on Orbital is as positive as it can be.

Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?

Certainly, I have gone through them multiple times.

Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes.

Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank
I agree not to abuse any powers that I'm given if I'm to become trusted
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Jun 1, 2021
Hey buddy!

0 warns for 2D+ playtime is awesome, keep it up!

One of the requirements for Trusted is to be well known within the community.
A large part of this community is on the forums and discord!

This being your first forum post, I suggest increasing your activity out of game!

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Jack Stone

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Jun 2, 2021
The Stone Stinkhouse
Hey Ilian,
Unfortunately, like most others, I cannot give a +1 as I can't say I've interacted with you much. Community presence and participation is a very strong aspect looked at when it comes to trusted applications, meaning you have to be well-known by a lot of people. Experiment with more social jobs, start more discussions and contribute to conversations in our forums, discord and OOC chat in-game. I am going to have to leave a -1 for now, but hopefully you improve upon what I have recommended. All the best.


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Jun 6, 2021
Hey there Mate!
Personally haven’t heard from you but it seems as if you can get your name out there a bit , maybe partner up with some people or participate in event it can get you in the well known category
For now -1 but open for change in the coming days :)


Aug 16, 2021
as most people said i have no idea who you are but lately i haven't been on due to reasons, but it looks like no one knows who you are. -1

good luck with your app



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Jun 3, 2021

Community interaction is very important in order to obtain the Trusted rank. Please try interacting more with the community through OOC chat, discord or the forums. However, your application is very detailed and you have no warnings for 2 days of playtime, keep it up! Reapply in 1 week.
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